Trippin' with Ni Yuxibu

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A soundscape that can be penetrated in many ways with endless possibilities for discovering does not allow a moment of silence in the jungle. Nevertheless, it is incredibly easy to calm down and to rediscover holistic peace and contentment.

Constant accompaniment of laughing children and cheerful, often painted and decorated rainforest inhabitants make this trip a never before experienced reality. Only here in the deepest Amazon exists a combination of buzzing guitars, crowing cocks, melodic songs, hissing snakes, roaring monkeys, growling cats, grilling insects, crawling vermin, splashing waters and so much more. All this is part of the daily life in the nature-loving Huni Kuin people.

We have the honor and the blessing to take you on a truly dreamlike journey that will keep you in deep memory until the end of your life.

15 days grounding with simultaneously fascinating spirituality, side by side with the guardians of our planet, let you sense a kind of wholeness that can be more valuable than anything imaginable. Wonder gets grounded into the physical realm on a daily basis.

100% organic food prepared directly from the jungle by the Huni Kuin women ensures a deep cleansing of our physical body. Through the millennia-long traditions and nature-based lifestyle exists an extremely profound knowledge of the human organism as well as the plant and animal kingdoms. Thus, mentally any blockages can be solved and other liberation on all levels takes place. The energy field of the jungle has everything to offer to heal and undo any known illness or addiction. It sets you off to a new way of perceiving existence itself.


  • Translation in english and german

  • Storytelling from real indigenous people

  • Introduction and insight to the production process of sacred medicine

  • Authentic rainforest experience

  • Organic and fresh food directly from the forest and daily prepared by Huni Kuin woman

  • Participation through donations that go directly into sustainable projects

  • Boatrides, hiking trips and short excursions into the forest

  • Sleeping, living and eating like a Huni Kuin in one of their homes

  • Sacred indigenous rituals and ceremonies with a shaman (Optional)

  • Laughing, fun and joy

  • Deep relaxation and peaceful moments in states of pure isness

  • Singing and dancing or listening to sacred songs of the Huni Kuin tribe

  • 2x Ayahuasca & daily Rapé (Kambo & Sananga optional)


The journey to Rio Branco is not included. From there, there are no additional costs. The flight to Jordão and the boat trip are already included in the price.

What do you need?

- Flight to Brazil (Rio Branco, Acre)

We recommend using the following websites to get a nice flight:



We would love to help you with the research and booking process for free. Just write us a mail or contact us directly:

Simon Gervé: 016091507634


  • Passport (at least 6 month valid before expiring date)

  • Visa (depending on your country of origin)

  • Hammock with ropes of 2,5-3 meters of length or hammock straps

  • Mosquito net or hammock with integrated mosquito net

  • Pillow and blanket or light sleeping bag

  • On demand a soft sleeping pad that fits in the hammock

  • Filtered waterbottle (LifeStraw)

  • Travel backpack

  • Waterproof cloth and shoes

  • Smaller backpack or bag to go on day trips

  • Flashlight

  • Solarcharger if you plan on taking electronic devices

  • Diary with writing materials

  • Organic degradable hygiene products (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, tissues, etc.)

  • Exchange material and gifts

Example for presents:

  • Personal valuables

  • raincloth or waterproof bags

  • roll up papers for weed or tobaco

  • solar lamps

  • solar chargers.

The tribe of the Huni Kuin is living very isolated in the jungle and in general are happy about anything we bring and offer them from our world.

You might want to create a checklist of what you would like to bring previous to our trip. Make sure you go through it sufficiently and repeatedly to not forget anything.


Brazil has some immigration requirements for countries such as Canada, USA, China, and others. Before you travel, be sure you have all the necessary documents to enter the country without any problem.

You can check more details about a visa policy in Brazil here, or contact us.

For additional information you can always check our Terms & Conditions page.

Costs, Payment Options & Capacity

The price for the complete package is 2222,- Euro. You can pay by credit card, paypal or sofort (europe only)

The first payment to reserve your spot is 555,- Euro. The rest is due one month before arrival.

We will be able to host 6 guests on this tour

Schedule & Location

We meet in Rio Branco, Acre (Brazil). From there it goes with an Aerotaxi (small passenger plane) about 2 hours in the depths of the Amazon in the Indigenous town of Jordão. After we take a 2-3 hours boat ride which takes us on the local river until we arrive in Alta Mira, one of the small villages where the Huni Kuin live.

15 days of primeval rainforest side by side with the Huni Kuin tribe in the Aldeia Arco Iris. We will leave Rio Branco on a Tuesday morning and arrive back in Rio Branco on a Tuesday afternoon.



Places Left

Your Contribution

Through joining this trip, part of your payment is directed to projects such as Water Txai and Firefly, which are responsible to provide clean water and green energy to the community respectively. These are projects that support the sustainable developement of the Huni Kuin villages as they expand their civilizations back into stronger numbers.

Water Txai project:


Firefly project:

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