Vale do Gamarra

A short summary

Where is Gamarra located?

Situated in a ridge called Serra da Mantiqueira, this small village is a rural zone located in the area of Baependi, Minas Gerais.

What can we share about this village?

Vale do Gamarra is also known as the "paradise of Canyonism" due to its large number of waterfalls and the expansion of eco-villas with the idea of promoting a new nature consciousness.

The first inhabitants of this region probably came from indigenous groups of Cataguá who got attracted by the large amount of water and hunting possibilities around Santo Agostinho river. In the second half of the XVII century, the first colonizers started to appear. Attracted by gold together with the possibility of profits they could have in this region, the settlers began to enslave the indigenous tribes.


Nowadays, the main activity from the region is the production of cheese, milk, agriculture, handmade crafts with bamboo as well as the commercialization of quartz stones.

The life in this region is very peculiar, with great familiar ties and a mild bond to the capitalism-market.


How is the Atlantic forest connected with this place?

In the surroundings of this village we can find the State Park of Serra do Papagaio, which still has a significantly extention of the Atlantic forest. In its area, we have the opportunity to find Tamarins, Squirrels, Anteater and even the Brown Jaguar if they decide to cross our way. Bromeliads, Ipês, Manacá da Serra and Araucaria hardwood are some of the components that constitute the State Park’s flora.

Do not miss the chance to discover more of this lovely region. Gamarra is a fine area to purify energies as well as invigorate yourself.


Here you will have the chance to participate in some sacred ceremonies and healing rituals (for an additional charge, contribution trade or work exchange for the Eco-Housing:

- San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) Huachuma ceremony,

- Sweat lodge

- Andean cleaning ritual

For additional information, contact us.

Source: "O Movimento da Vida no Vale do Gamarra"; Junqueira, M.G.P. 2009, Espaço Lua Branca.


Pictures from our place Eco-Tribo Mãetiqueira with Particki in Vale do Gamarra