Rio de Janeiro

A short summary

How big and high is Rio de Janeiro city?

House of one out of the seven new world wonders, Rio de Janeiro is the second most populous municipality in Brazil and the sixth-most populous in the Americas. The city elevation varies from 0 to 1020m above the level of the sea, with around 7 million people living in the city and 12 million in the area.

What is Rio without music?

From Bossa Nova to Funk, passing through MPB and Samba, Rio de Janeiro has a lot of musicality. Samba is a symbol of the black culture in Brazil. Cavaquinho, guitar, tambourine, timbrel and surdo are some of the main instruments that compose this very known rhythm.

Back in time, samba was criminalized and a target for huge prejudice from society. The rhythm is recognized as a symbol of resistance that portrays the African black culture of the country. Famous around the city of Rio, the so called "rodas de samba" are where Cariocas exalt their culture through this rhythm. In 2005, Samba became a Heritage of Humanity from UNESCO.

With some American influence in its essence, the Funk Carioca is another beat largely played among the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Strongly related to the favela community, the sounding is a mix of a dancing beat in which the freedom to express various thoughts takes place. 


Are you ready for the city with the biggest open-air events in the world?

If you want a great party, Rio de Janeiro is always ready for it. Every 31st of December, around 2.5 million people get together at one of the most famous beaches in the world (Copacabana beach) to celebrate the New Year’s Eve of the city. You will find dozens of shows that go on all night long. The scenery is stunning not only because white is the usual dress-code color for the event but also due to the 15-20 minutes firework show.


Another wide as well as famous party in Brazil is the Carnival. Its French, German and Portuguese influences were being modified along the time. The African-Brazilian drums and musicality molded the shape of the Brazilian Carnaval we know nowadays. There are various posibilities to enjoy this celebration, for instance the famous samba school presentations with glamourous cars and costumes. Another option is to join the “blocos de carnaval” which are parades that happen basically in every corner of the city. In the last one, you can go dressed as anything you like, with the chance to listen to different rhythms, depending on the street party you decide to attend.

Rio has countless activities to offer you. Allow yourself to find your happiness in the wonderful city.

Source: Wikipedia


NOTE: We are only very few days in Rio de Janeiro. If you want to see something unique and special be sure to contact us for help in advance or plan ahead by yourselves.



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