We are born on this planet completely wiped out of memory. Arriving here, we are very innocent and only discover feelings like guilt or shame later. By reconnecting to this purity we came here with, we can realize and create a knowing how incredible each one of us is. The human experience is wonderful, stunning and outstanding when it comes down to its core. If we find the freedom to be pure again, we are able to express our full being.


On multiple trips, we will go deep into nature. We dive into child like states and allow ourselves to be innocent again. This allows us to find forgotten emotional states and basic life trust that we aim to bring back into our conscious awareness. We want to rediscover our roots. By doing so, we are simultaneously creating a healthy relationship with our senses.


Not merely a few humans put themselves in danger. Our body is like a temple we temporary inhabit to have a human experience. It can happen that we forget what great gift our physicality truly is. There are multiple habits which leads us to be surrounded by harmful environments. The constant ingestion of toxic substances also is a threat to our physical vessel.


On our trips we always set intentions to drink pure water directly from nature as well as have fresh organic meals. This can help tremendously to shine light into our bad habits. It automatically has a positive influence on our behaviours. It also clears our system to realign our molecular and internal structure. By doing so, we do not only help our body but also rewire our brain which is also affected by entering purification.


Most likely, during our time together, your mind will be completely off limits and cleared out totally. We constantly put effort in our adventures to be surrounded by fresh energies and in deep connection with our mother earth. This can help to lead you to new levels of self worth and self awareness. Possibilities arise of creating a whole new pure relationship to life itself. It concludes finding a deep meaning for our temporary human ride on this planet.