Will the 'real life' finally catch up to me?

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Hey Trippers was geeeeeeeht?

I am again in Arcturus. Today we missed our chance again to go camping for some days because we just couldn't get out of bed. I'm still in the process of following the least resistance and even though I am a little bothered here and there throughout the day not being there on the beach with our tend, I accept that something else is now being manifested.

Maybe I was supposed to write this BLOG for you...

So anyways Carnaval is completely over and we also made it through the last day. I have also started to work on the upcoming VLOG and cut the first material together. A more regular rhythm and daily activities are starting to gain on momentum and control. I have spend many hours working on the computer again and just finished to host some more products on my www.yahyel.de website.

Lets talk some money:

I am now shortly under 1000,- Euro in minus on the bank with my Coinbase account gaining a little bit on strength. The bank has blocked all transactions and also my possibility to get more cash out the ATM. So not even the bank is paying me anymore. But considering what I have all lived through since I last posted my money status it is incredible how much life can be lived with little money. I must admit that I received a late birthday present from my parents which held 200,- Euros for me and I had 2 Rapé sales that gave me an additional 150,- Euro. But that was really all I had with about 360,- Reais cash that I found and I can't even recollect all the places and locations I have been the last month since I came here on the 5th of February. I feel really present and in the NOW and no money can pay for these emotional and mental states anyways.

Yesterday for example we went to Cachoeira de Gruta which means waterfall in a cave or grotto. I paid 16 Real for the whole Trip which is less than 4 Euros to travel around the whole city of Rio including a sandwich of spinach and cheese at the beach. We took a Bus from Vila Isabel for about 45 mins, hiked about 30 minutes into the forest of Tijuca where we found the waterfall and ended up watching the sunset on Leblon beach before heading back home. It really felt like going on vacation and I was so far from any emotional states of worry or stress.

Other than that not a lot has been going on. I caught up on some NBA highlights and soaked in a looooot of channellings and starseed talks. I skyped with a new friend and amazing person that also is going through his intense process of awakening. Its always a pleasure and relieve knowing we are not that little or few people on this planet and are growing in numbers each month.

Also my Grandpa turned 90 years old and is still doing well. That is some amazing achievement and I hope he will make it all the way to 100 and above. Congratulations to him!

I have been trying to spread some awareness to my other family here about the consumption of meat on our planet but like with my other part of the family I am running clearly against big walls. It can be really tough for me being a greatly empathic and extremely emotional being to stand all this craziness and denial that is going on on this planet. I mean I really want to help but to have people complaining about almost everything that is going on in the outside world especially about politics or our system but doing exactly the same on other levels can be really exhausting. I am really shortly about to pull the plug and call it a day but I feel like I have given my all to raise awareness and consciousness. There is so much waiting on the other side of the veil and I can not wait to greet our friends from other worlds and invite more like minded people into my life. It is crazy. We are on the edge to changing our whole society and it is so difficult to just imagine life in 5-10 years. We are looking into a future and ahead to something so extremely extraordinary and still people can not even sense it or find joy in it. They are still run by fears and survival mechanisms that completely blind them to other possibilities of manifestation. Sometimes it feels like being surrounded by ghosts and living amongst dead people who keep spinning and spinning in the same mess for eons and eons of cycles.

Tomorrow I get the chance again to go to the beach and be free from all these scenarios. Tonight I will keep working on my VLOG and continue my little projects of selling Rapé, selling contact stones and creating the next trip on www.throughdimensions.com. I hope that soon I can generate some income because I am starting to believe I really deserve to have some money. It is weird to see how from a spiritual concept not having money is due to a lack of self worth. So money is also seen as a reflection on how much you think you are worth and for sure I am having issues with my root chakra throughout my life. It is also a sign of lack of abundance which should become more and more present in my reality as I move on. It is funny how abundant I am and feel in all other aspects of life but money. So I have this huge challenge in these next weeks and month to generate income and I am glad to let you know how this story will continue.

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice Trip!

from the heart,


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