Why all these Synchronisities?

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Hey Trippers was geeeht,

I am writing this down on a Thursday the day I will still channel later on in Hamburg Germany.

The last 13 days have been so slow that I really have no Idea what I wrote in my last BLOG. I guess I was just getting back to Berlin coming from the hiking trip through Sächsische Schweiz. So I have been channelling on 4 more occasions since then and the most significant occurrences are ridiculous synchronizations. I have been seeing double numbers on clocks up to 4-5 times a day without looking at the time a lot.

Two remarkable ones were one in the bus I had fallen asleep and then this energy came telling me something like: “I got something for you!” I was dreaming about a child and it was wonderful and then also about how many synchronicities I have experienced and all these ideas how effortless life can be and then I opened my eyes as they fall right on the clock of the bus showing 13:13. Before 13:14 I was back sleeping thankful for this incredible guidance. Sometimes I wonder if this is the same energies Moses was referring to, translating it through a burning bush.

The other one happened telling my fiancé about all this and how sometimes I hit two in a row like 20:20 that happened after the channelling in Karlsruhe and then 21:21 for example. The next morning I woke up went for breakfast came back to use my phone for the first time that day and it showed 12:12 after turning it on.

So all in all these number games have been played with me these last 13 days almost throughout and it´s impossible to remember them all. But especially this last week it is more than once or twice a day and in really fitting synchronistical moments.

Other than that I am super on track, feel very healthy mentally and physically. I love this job that I am doing of being an earth representative for E.T.s. I went to Leipzig to do a session with 3 kids, their mother and my fiancé, then to Berlin where we had super deep topics including Markus his friends that he loves to welcome on his part Arcturian craft. All this happened before heading to south Germany to channel for 4 more wonderful beings on the Heiligenberg and going a day later to Karlsruhe for the possibly first ever dual channelling of one race on earth or at least for the YahYel in German.

But enough E.T. talks because I also want to dive into my encounter and homecoming to my family. So I got to spend some amazing time with my family in Heidelberg while doing the tour. Besides my parents I also went to see my nephews and Grandma. We had such nice talks about A.I., backpacking, German and foreign cultures and life in general. I can´t recall the last time laughing this much and I must say I was really surprised how comfortable I was around them. I have so much faith in the new and younger generations and it´s so much fun to see them grow up and form their world view and perspectives of being.

Also my Brother came and we watched soccer together. I don´t remember the last time watching German soccer on TV at all if at all I ever did watch a whole league game live on TV.

My Parents again couldn´t help but give me more money so that I am now actually for the first time paying back depth and seem to be going in a different direction going forward. Considering the sudden rise of crypto and a payment of 200 out of the 250 my mom gave me I am now only 600 Euro in depth compared to around 1000 just a month ago. Taking into that calculation that I am keeping faith in almost only doing what excites me this is a huge accomplishment for me since abundance also starts reflecting in finances.

I wish I could show you more pictures of the Events but I keep forgetting all the time taking some. But what 13 days it has been and how many wonderful people I met is beyond photos and words anyways. Also here in Hamburg doing another Rapé Roda we had 3 amazing souls joining us. Besides them I have connected to 2 girls that want to help me make a transcription of the channellings so I am hopefully releasing a book about Markus and the YahYel and put up more Videos on www.yahyel.de including the asked question in the sessions.

What I haven’t even mentioned, is that it looks very likely that I have my first travel group for Trippin´ through Dimensions in February 2020 going to the Amazon. The trip will most probably be available on www.throughdimensions.com mid-June and as for now we have already 4 people going.

Life has been so good to me and I couldn’t even find time to write. I miss my girl a lot but I am sure it will all be worth it because I had to leave her in Berlin doing her stuffs.

I am getting this feeling that something is building up with so much energy behind it but I can’t grasp yet what it is. It might actually be another encounter with the YahYel but I am not sure. Let us see what these next days bring as my ears start making high noises writing this again, signalling to me that something is in the air. A lot of people are also sensing disclosure and even the mainstream media seems to be overflowing with these energies waves pouring out more and more information about UFOs. Next week I am sure I will have more.

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice trip!

from the heart,


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