What if all this was really just a dream?

Hi Trippers was geeeht!

Monday again. 7 days after my last written words. I was in the train to my grandparents. I arrived and am still here.

On Friday my fiancé arrived but she is already back in Bonn to finish her excursion, heading to the end of her lecture obligated master studies.

The day until her arrival I spend with my 90 year old grandpa and 86 year old grandma, before we all spend time together tell this morning including Marcinha.

I just took my last Yawanawa Rapé which is my favourite till this day and closed another circle of experience.

It became clear to me that with this ending I also will end writing this BLOG in this format and time around. I started in November 2018 on the 23rd day and now I will take a break and focus all my energy into being in Hawaii, Maui in September this year.

Since my Laptop broke and I am still in depth I cannot repair it nor buy a new one. All my material, photos, videos, passwords and therefore also access to this BLOG is temporary unavailable and I will also take this as a sign to move on. I want to focus more on my body and creating healthy food that I will try to sell on the streets. I am with approximately 90 Euro left in my wallet and will invest it in making homemade vegan wraps to bring to the people and planet earth.

I have no idea when I will be able to post and transcript these written words (today is 02.08.2019 18:18 o’clock =)) on our internet platform which makes it easier for me to pause this project on BLOGGING weekly on TTD.

These last 7 days really helped me to connect to my family roots and ancestor lineage. My family at times is so different in their seemingly core believes than I am but there must be common ground for us to always bring us back together. It must be love. These last 7 years have been so intense for me and my development is not to be able to put in words anyways. I know I deserve to live my life the way I need to and at times want to and for this manifestation it is important for me to let go. I will still try to be transparent and share my journey with you but I don’t know yet how and to what extent. I am so far behind posting YahYel and channelling contend and also creating and continuing my VLOG that I have no idea if I will ever catch up, which is ok of course. Also my 30 day bike trip through Mexico is now 1 year ago and I wish I would have successfully created a documentary about it by now.

I have started so many projects to create financial abundance connected with joy and fun and for now I need to slow it down and create a smooth way forward limiting my wide range of ideas and energies.

I am thankful for life to have offered me all these opportunities and time to write down my story for almost half a year now. It is even hard to remember all that had happened this week and I want to focus even more being the most present I can be in each moment of my earth existence. I thank you all for reading, the support and my faith in sticking to myself and my believes of making life worth living. I love you!

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice trip!

from the heart,


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