What happens when I eat a special mushroom?

Hey Trippers,

it is Sunday if I remember correctly. I am surrounded by crickets, flys, butterflys, the sound of splashing water from a waterfall and sunshine to its fullest that is filtered through the trees giving a spectacular view. I am at a sacred place in which next to me is a sweat lodge. I just landed on physical earth again from a mushroom trip although I am still effected a bit by it. I was seeing computer animated matrix codes watching closely through a bamboo tree with a blend of green, sky blue and trukese colours lighting up immensely. Later I had a huge butterfly land on my shoulder to be carried along taking a stroll through the little river bed here for about 10 minutes. When he landed he looked right at me and I knew he knew what he was looking at. It wasn't easy to hold that state and I was full of gratitude. It is tough and probably too difficult to put in words how I got here since I lost track of time a bit. I just read to my friend Johannes, my txai brother, the last BLOG that I wrote some pages before the one I am writing now in the same book. It helped me tremendously to catch up with what had happened and where I actually am. From here our journey goes back to Germany and we are taking one more day in of pure bliss and heart warming moments that just keep on coming in this kind of surrounding environment. My camera ended up being full so I have no pictures or evidence of where we actually are but that is also not the idea. If you want to experience these locations yourself you can join us on one of our trips.

I am really looking forward to see my fiance Marcinha after all that we have been through meaning us two and Johannes and me. Sao Tome was timeless and so hard to explain. We had multiple almost constant synchronizations of meeting people that always were connected to each other and our story and path. One example is Nitschu that we met on top of the pyramid one day. He gave me a Kuripe that belonged to Silvana, who gave us the mushroom we just ate a day or two before. He told us he had a son of about two years of age, who we met a day later randomly not meeting anyone new in between. On our last day we ran into a store to buy some presents and in came the owner Giselle of the house we rented for 4 nights. All in perfect order to say goodbye. We ended up staying 2 more days in Bierros place, where we met Nitschus son and after leaving our host Giselles place. He built a two story wooden hostel in about 9 month and is still working on it, always in excitment if he can pay the construction to finish it the way he wants. He is working with money that comes as he goes and is actually constantly in risk of not being able to pay the next incoming bills. This of course relates a lot to my style of living and it doesn't suprise me to start meeting people like this now. Its amazing to see people that take risks like I do and to live with them and learn from them. He told me he was short of money countless times but always and not just once or twice on the last day something happened that helped him advance to the next step and payed for the costs.

We also got to explore a new location. It is a portal from where we could watch the sunset that offered a rainbow being built from scratch as we called it a day. Besides that we explored the city and talked to more people about the mysteries here. Many people who expereinced anomalies, lack of feeling of time, encounters with beings or UFOs and much more explained their points of views to us. Hiking to two amazing waterfalls became one of the highlights even though our whole time there was one big highlight to sum it up honestly.

Now we will continue our journey here in this sacred space where I am writing these lyrics.

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice Trip!

from the heart,


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