What happens in Carnival stays in Carnival?

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Was geeeeeeeeeeeeeht Trippers,

I am sitting on my fiancés families couch in the building complex that is known as Arcturus. I have some nice youtube mix going as I am writing another chapter in my BLOG. It is carnival in Rio and tomorrow is already the last day.

We successfully left the sacred space of my friend Txai Patricki Rashkar. We went for a 1 hour walk to the bus station and took the most amazing ride I had in a long time. Already going there I couldn't believe my eyes and the story the bus driver told me. He had been driving this bus for 38 years many times a week always the same route. Things like that make me extremely happy. What amazing people our planet has!

We had a whole day to corner around in Caxambu and I actually didn't even mention that we were there before going to Patricki. Caxambu has 6 natural springs of sprinkling gas water. This area in Minas Gerais is known for these springs and are supposedly the only ones in the whole world. But this time around we just hung out including for hours in the local supermarket which even has chairs and a restaurant inside to make it easy for people like us to spend time.

Already sitting on the corner I got a chance to write to my fiancé after not being with electricity and any kind of service at the sacred space. It felt great to hear her voice and the excitement of seeing her again started to built up a lot. We were really close to board our bus back to Rio de Janeiro which left at midnight.

5 hours later we were there at the Rodoviaria Novo Rio. From there we went straight to the hood, in other words, Rocinha. It is the biggest known Favela in south America and the place I might have stayed the longest so far in Brazil. Max my friend from there was so kind to create a living space for us with some local rappers. I got to meet more people and the people I met in 2015. Also we found time to go to the beach, play beach tennis and use my now stolen longboard before sipping on a cold coconut. I ended up staying there for 2 nights because the 2 other of 4 Johannes stayed there I was back with my beloved Marcinininha.

On the 28th it was our 2 year anniversary and we almost spend the whole day together after not seeing each other for 10 days or so. We ended the day with one of my favourite addictions on planet earth: Ice Cream!

The next day carnival started and the boys went to a huge Bloco that takes place in Santa Teresa before meeting my fiancé to go to the soft dick Bloco in Ipanema. Many many butts and dicks flying around and an incredible amount of alcohol is consumed. People really pressuring themselves to make mistakes or provoke cheating of boy and girlfriends. It is not the most fun I must admit going to a place like this being in a relationship and being off ego pushing drugs. Respect goes below zero when it comes to flirting and trying to get with someone and I can only ever unconditionally love and see it as a great test to how much I can control myself. Emotions like jealousy are really being tested for myself and I rather spend my energy on other emotions. But of course it is something that is also worth being experienced since the expression of sexuality and the body is on a really open level. And people here in Brazil are really handsome and sexy after all. So its also a good test of how much you really want to be with one partner or your partner after all. It feels a little bit like being thrown in a wild river that you don't really know where, with who and when you will get out and if you will get out alive at all, meaning when you jump in as a couple. Many Brazilian relationships come to a complete or temporary end during this time of the year.

Since I told you I am at my fiancés home you can guess that so far we have made it through. Also no big bruises and I really thank god that we are still happy together and can move forward from here. It really helps me to appreciate what I have and is one of the big paradoxes here on our planet earth.

And to answer the above question: What happens in carnaval is shared with the whole world and especially my close ones =).

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice Trip!

from the heart,


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