WELL-BEING | Treehuging in Ek Balam

> WELL-BEING | Treehuging in Ek Balam <

Heavy strong brown roots are entering the earth’s body as Marcia is hugging the tree they belong to. Next to it you can see a dirt trail that surrounds ancient ruins in Yucatan. One of the remaining structures that are said to be constructed by the Mayan civilization is clearly visible behind the trees branches on the right side.

Various tones of green are making this Photo very vivid even though they show the transience of time as they cover more and more of this once fully functioning village. The tree itself looks like is very alive as well. On the top of the white stem and right above Marcia’s head there seems to be eyes that scientifically we would classify as the remains of a broken branch.

The color-play demonstrated by this tree is amazing to me. It has a magical impact to me and the whole scenery.

I have learned that connecting more consciously to the trees on our planet, I feel a deeper trust in life itself. They have a very calming effect to my mind, body and soul. Parts of our Trips always feature a heart based awareness to become more sentient to our environment which immediately helps to lift our spirit and makes life automatically more joyful.

What puts you in a state on well-being?

Let us know in the comments below!

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