UNIQUE | Uyuni desert in Bolivia

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

> UNIQUE | Uyuni desert in Bolivia <

Ok! Where are we? Is this planet earth? I am looking at a mirror type floor that is slightly covered with water all over the place to create reflection over reflection again and again. It is hard to pinpoint where the floor actually is since above is below and no matter where I look I also see the other side of the view into the mirror. So it helps to look into the eyes of my fiancé every once in a while but she can also act as a similar phenomenon at times. All this together is really an exclusive setup I have only experienced here.

If you look at us you can see the specialty of this region because the shadow reflection is dancing along to the water reflection of our silhouettes. The little bumps on the ground are tiny salt hills which can be quiet sharp if you step on them. It seems like an ice world but there is no ice in this picture at all.

Dark vivid blue on the top of the screen that seems too pure to be real is making a color shift all the way into the cleanest point blank white I can imagine across the picture. In the far left you can actually spot mountains to get an idea how huge this salt desert of Uyuni in Bolivia really is.

With absolute certainty I can say this is the most unique place I have ever been and the picture is nothing short of it. We seemed to have picked the perfect day to visit as it truly feels like walking in heaven or on another planet. Some people say it is even more astonishing with more clouds in the sky which makes the reflection even more impressive.

As corny as it might sound but this was literally a trip into another dimension and it took me a while to realize that I have actually been at the place the picture is showing.

What unique places have you called yourself lucky to have experienced?

Let us know down below!

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