Trippin' with Ni Yuxibu | 2020 | Part 3

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Into the Rainforest

The usual way to arrive in Alta-Mira Village is through taking a airplane from Rio Branco which is the last city with our commonly known infrastructure. After boarding there we have to put all our faith into the universe and the Huni Kuin people. To make things even more adventurous we take trips deep into the Amazon rainforest, surrounded by all kinds of animals and insects.

Can you believe this is a tree root and not a wall?

Every once in a while there is a chance to come across some huts that are temporarly inhabited or used for diets and ceremonies.

Upstream visitations

The Shaman Txana Ixa took us for many boat rides up the river. He showed us more Huni Kuin Villages with realtives and family.

We took Trip to the Sama Uma place where a family lives in isolation after the village burned down. During the preparation of the sacred ayahuasca brew, control was lost due to certain circumstances. It came to a large-scale fire. Nobody was hurt and they are already reconstructing the village! The Sama Uma is a sacred Tree which stands right next to the last inhabited house.

Other Villages we visited were Acro Iris, Novo Segredo & Largo Lindo. We were always welcomed with an open heart and it is usual to receive a song when a visitation is happening.

Time to relax after a long day trippin' through all kinds of Dimensional realms.

Musik and Art

In a world where many inhabitants haven't seen a regular road, no money is being used and the radius of live experience is a gigantic forest it is self-evident that a daily life looks very different from ours. Common hobbys and ways to spend time are weaving and music. They are key elements of expression, creating culture and bond together as one.

Time is almost up

The rainforest brought us not only a natural environment to experience deep connection with our mother earth but also friends and humans that were full of joy. What a great journey and amazing trip. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Mutio Gratidao and muito HAUX!

The oldest Kupi in the village carrying the burden of possibly becoming one of the next leaders of the Huni Kuin tribe at a young age.

Time to head back with some tears in the eyes not really knowing if what we just lived was real or a dream.

Back in Jordão and to our Dimension

That is what we are all about. Putting smiles in peoples faces and goofing around to take life not so serious. The moments and faces of our trippers after a successful adventure.

The end.

Trippin' through Dimensions

'Your Portal to extraordinary Trips throughout the Worlds'

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