TREESPIRIT | On a sacred Cumaru in the Amazon

> TREESPIRIT | On a sacred Cumaru in the Amazon <

Roots are disappearing into the earth bigger than my entire body. On the other side they all find together above the ground to create this enormous sized tree that as well is very very tall.

On the left side are thin lianas hanging down from the crown and it wouldn’t be impossible to swing around with them like Tarzan.

Maybe it is you they are waiting for?

I am on my way up climbing on one of them on the right side but what better way to correspondingly ground than with an ancient hard to age-label tree straight in the amazon rainforest. This super old Cumaru being is not just covered by myself but also with slight green vegetation and I am sure is serving as a host for countless more lives of Fauna and Flora - not to forget us Humans that are breathing the fresh air these friendly monsters are creating for us for free. But let’s not forget that they need us too and here in the Amazon jungle it is inevitable to feel this great connection we have with nature.

The energetic cords can almost become visible that flow the energy through all of us and act as a life spending force. With the help of the Indigenous people and their medicines they actually are visible and will leave everyone that is brave enough to come here speechless and with endless never forgettable memories.

I came back asking myself if I just woke up from a dream. It is that surreal and at the same time realer than anything I lived before! There is no bigger meaning to live itself than what I could experience there!

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