TRANSPORTATION | Reaching new Heights

> TRANSPORTATION | Reaching new Heights <

Beautiful sun ray lens flares appear in interdimensional colors as we are breathing in high altitude fresh air. The clouds are gathering below us and it feels like we are on top of the world. The tilt of the earth is sensible and the endless ocean can be spotted through some cloud windows including the fine defined coast line.

The last standing trees are visible on a litte hill raising right in the middle of the picture and the sun is passing above it. Next to our mode of transport are bubble type vegetation forms that create what it seems like a mini forest. On the other side is a dirt road made up with many tones of brown.

We are on an ilsand and the only way up here leads through extremely bumpy roads that are only passable with a jeep. I feel like us humans always find ways if we are passionate and in this case passionate about exploration.

It must have taken ancient inhabitants of this island month the reach what is now reachable in a day through the advancement in technology. Curiousity is a huge factor that takes place into the striving of innovation. To excel our way to travel and therefore transportation methods has always given us motivation. It has been a driving engine for humanity to get to higher, deeper, farther and extraordinary places.

We are lucky to live in a time where seemingly every place on earth can be visited nowadays due to our progress in this sector of transportation. We feel extremly blessed to be here and can't wait for the sunset followed with the opportunity to stargaze into the night reaching these heights.

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