Trippin' with Ni Yuxibu | 2020 | Part 1

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

The start of our 2020 Ni Yuxibu adventure

We left the rushing life and western world to go 2 weeks remote to trip with the great spirit, Ni Yuxibu, of the Huni Kuin tribe. What a blessing it was! thank you!

Touchdown in Jordão in Acre Brazil

In February 2020 we had the opportunity to travel into the Amazon rainforest. To arrive there we needed to board this 15 passenger plane and it is always a relieve when this machine touches back down on the floor flying right through the wild jungle for a hour and some minutes.

Painting in Jordão on the Airport and Meeting our Shaman Txana Ixa

Deep into the Jungle

To get to Alta-Mira on our Trippin" with Ni Yuxibu Journey we need to take a boat ride on one of the sheer infinite side arms of the big amazon river. The ride is between 1-2 hours long depending on the weather conditions. With ancient technics it takes the indigenous people about 4-5 hours downstream for the same travel distance. Now they have gained motors and faster boats over the years which helps them travel faster than before.

The Village

Alta-Mira in February 2020, the beginning of rainseason

We are being guided through the Huni Kuin village. The local Txais are showing us their plantations and way to get around in the settlement that started some years ago and is still standing today. Usually the Huni Kuin people move every 4-5 years but now they are adopting a different lifestyle since they are also regaining their strength becoming a bigger tribe once more.

Relaxing in the Huni Kuin village and getting to know the tribe during their regular daily life is something very unique to experience on our planet. Technology has no yet hit the area to a high degree and the use of cell phones is still very limited but nevetheless present. Still, creating art, laughing, running around and exploring nature are activities that outweight our western life dominated culture of structure, school, education, individualism and routine.

To be continued...

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