TOGETHER | Living life on the Road to Hana

> TOGETHER | Living life on the Road to Hana <

Something soft and wet is touching my right cheek. It feels familiar. It feels like home.

Around me it is rather warm and shirtless I can let a bigger part of my body breath in the tropical filled air. I love being outside and weather plays a huge factor in this. I can hear gigantic amounts of water splashing down hard rocks hitting them multiple times in different heights. Live is all around me and many nature sounds are creating an amazing audible around me.

Live like this is perfect in itself to me. There is literally nothing missing right now. I have the love of my life and my friend next to me combined with being in one of the most astonishing parts of the planet.

The Road to Hana features many bridges and sharp turns that go in and out between the coast and higher regions of the instant connecting mountain landscape by the sea. For every bridge of course there usually is a stream of water. So there are sheer countless waterfalls to be explored. Some are officially visitable and others can be explored with lots of caution and one's own risk.

But all of it wouldn't be the same without my partner in life by my side. It is one of the biggest blessing that has occured during my time here on earth as Simon. Travelling is a whole other experience with her and I am so grateful each day for living this life with someone like my fiancé on my side.

Just like this part of the world is unique so is everyday with her. She makes my life at least as special as a place like this can. Together we are able to experience life in such a different way as alone and I love it!

Have you been in a special place with a special someone?

Let us know in the comments below!

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