The way to Paradise

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Trippin' on Ilha Grande 2020 | 06.03 - 14.03 | Part 1

The Start of our Adventure


Our trip starts in Rio de Janeiro. From the - Novo Rodoviaria - which is Rio's bus terminal we are taking the Costa Verde bus to get to Angra dos Reis.


Angra dos Reis


- Angra dos Reis - is where we take a fishermans boat to the paradise Island.


But first let's taste the delicious Brazilian cuisine.


With a full belly it is now time to board the local fisherman's boat.


The Boatride


The ride over the ocean is an experience in itself. Time is beginning to slow down in synchronization to the speed of the boat. The feeling of vacation is arriving!


On our way to the destination we stop on a few beaches and privat homes along the way.


Arriving at the first destination


After a good hour on the boat we arrive in deeply relaxed state at your first temporary stay - Praia de Araçatiba - on the paradise island.


From here we take a walk along the coast to arrive at our vacation home. The owner from - Pousada Cibeles -, Luiz, is welcoming us with fresh water before we head in our private 2 person bedrooms.


The first hike


The next morning it is time to head out and explore the island by foot. Something that is available to do daily.


After arriving on the first beach called - Praia de Araçatibinha - we decide to take it even farther and continue the hike.


We are about to arrive at one of the most remote and beautiful beaches on the whole island. But already breathing in the fresh air and dropping some sweat on the amazing hiking grounds we feel greatly alive!

Trippin' on Ilha Grande 2020 | 06.03 - 14.03 | Part 1

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