SURVIVAL | Coconuts on the way

> SURVIVAL | Coconuts on the way <

This picture here has a beautiful story to it.

The random dog you can see on the left has been following us the whole day on our hiking adventure on Ilha Grande. It seemed like he was worried about us and sometimes he even ran ahead and showed us the way to go.

The fresh coconuts I am cutting open we found just prior to this moment hanging from the palm trees on one of the myriad beaches on this paradise island. I am sweating and have multiple kilometers in my legs but this is not the beach we will rest on tonight. Coconut water is said to be the perfect intake to hydrate and refill the body with valuable minerals and nutrients and we found it in the perfect moment. Travelling with just enough to get by is really an adventure in itself but brings immense joy for me and in times like this when the unexpected occurs to help me I always get super excited. The water is almost over so I couldn’t be happier about this gift from nature.

On the top right you can see one of the backpacks we are using to get by. I am doing this whole trip in yellow crocs and my friend with flip flops that can be spotted around my feet.

There is nothing more purifying than making the body sweat and drinking organic fresh fluids directly from the branch.

This unique trip we did spontaneously is available on Trippin’ through Dimensions and if you want to drink some fresh coconut juice with a friendly dog right next to splashing waves on empty beaches you are more than welcome to join us the next time around.

Did you ever experience a situation like this?

Let us know in the comments below!

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