Start of a new Chapter! Where will it take me?

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Hey Trippers,

today guess it, it is Friday. I was so busy making the Christmas present and packing for Iceland yesterday that i just totally forgot about this BLOG. Expectations! Better drop them!

Actually we are now moving out of our room in Berlin that we rented. We spend wonderful 3 month here. Last week we decided to go out again and become best friends with alcohol again. It has been a while and I am really starting to have a tough time drinking. The summer in Germany was pure blank amazing. I just love this city... truly!

Now my channelling sessions are also over for now "im Space" and I wonder if I ever come back here. I have been in this room before in 2015 and 2016 for about 5-7 month. It is a very special place and there is people that think here stands a pyramid in another overlapping dimension. Our landlord, which is stupid to call him like that, Elmar is one of the best human beings I was able to meet so far in my life. I am so thankful for you my brother!

That brings me to one of the topics I wanted to talk about. I have been living here in about 21 square meters with my beautiful Brazilian fiancé. So you might wonder:

How is life in 21 square meters with another person?

It is DIFFERENT! It really is something else. There is no other place to go if you want to have silence here. No other place if you get mad at each other. No other place to invite friends or study by yourself. We are constantly together...

...like all the time!

...like 24 hours a day!

...like for 7 days a week!

...like many month in a row!

It reminds me of life in the Amazon with the indigenous people. They also stay together in one wooden house. The whole family. Sometimes even just one room. One of the cutest things I saw was a young indigenous mother sleeping with her baby in the same hammock with the baby on top of her belly and chest. But to be honest they still have the whole rainforest to them so it isn't really comparable.

Nevertheless I decided in 2012/2013 that I wanted to become as honest as I can be. Not just to myself but also to everybody else. I had a deep look in the mirror and I will never forget this period of time. I begged for forgiveness for all the lies I told, all the people I cheated on and all the so called mistakes I made. I talked to most of the people personally too and apologized. Even if it was years ago and we didn't really care anymore. I wanted to become a new me. With that version of me it is not that difficult to be so close to someone. I have nothing to hide anymore.

Now I am sitting here in front of my Laptop again. Its almost 2019. It has been such a wonderful year and we are not done yet. After our one week trip to Iceland, we will go skiing in Austria and after go to my family. Christmas time! But until then you will hear from me anyways.

Just now I finished the Video for my fiancé. I want to show it to you too. It is still from the year 2017. I can barely catch up with what we have done and are doing. I still want to work on our Mexico bike trip VLOG that we want to create and host under "Coconut Wings". The flyers for our Trippin' through Dimensions program arrived today. Also the banners are up to reach some people to join us late winter, which would be mid summer in South America.

I feel set for this next year to come and am very grateful for this last one. Tonight we will say goodbye to Berlin for now. And in less than 24 hours we will be in a new country. Thanks god, muito haux, muito gratidao!

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice Trip!

from the heart,


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