SHAMAN | Boatride through the Amazon

> SHAMAN | Boatride through the Amazon <

Brownish dyed water is splashing left and right from us as we are transported through the Amazon by an appearing indigenous Ninja right behind us who is steering the boat.

The sun is at its peak and right above us which barely creates shadows even though there would be endless trees for it to happen. The Wind generated through the fast moving metal boat is really refreshing.

Next to me is Txana Ixa of the Huni Kuin, living in the village Altamira close to where we are. We are dressed with indigenous chains, rings and wristbands to become one with the forest and animals here. Also Ixa has a painting of Huni Kuin patterns in his face to support the connection to the jungle and the Great Spirit. We are prepared for Ceremony and are on the way to a sacred place that features a huge holy Cumaru tree.

I have the honor to be very close and in an almost private moment with the naturally born Shaman. It is amazing to learn and listen to our elders. Especially to the ones who have deep spiritual knowledge from different types of perspectives on the history of mother earth and mankind.

My mind is always blown when I hear their stories and to me they are wisdom keepers and extremely important for our existence on earth. It also gives me trust that everything is perfect the way it is and secures the future of us as a species. I have lots of respect and deep gratitude for Moments like this and I think this picture is a good reflection of it. Spending time in the Amazon is one of the best decisions I made and now it might be your turn to collect unique experiences like this one here.

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