SATISFACTION | Sacred Medicine in a Sacred Place

The tempting smoke of Marijuana is filling the air with this distinctive smell. The sensation of tranquility already arrived in my being and I am merging with the environment.

In front of me is one of Maui's more remote waterfalls. A group of locals that came by told us they haven't seen it with this much water in a long time. Water is rippling all the way to a filled with little stones pool that is constantly being filled with fresh water. The heavy downfall of water is a force to be reckoned with and can be dangerous to be right underneath it since it can carry bigger stones.

But the mood right now is everything else but hazardous. The green scenery on the side of the waterfall is making me sink even more into the experience. This palce seems full of life and my shirt is matching the overwhelmig green spectrum in this area.

I have a few hits left from my jibbit and it is filled with weed from the island itself. I learned that marijuana is being called churru in the jungle of the Amazon and for the indigenous people there it is the spirit of Mary Magdalene. The altered state of conciousness it can make me dive into is full of unconditiounal love and I love it to be in there. I can grab a taste of this feeling it can give me once more and I am so grateful for it. It reminds me to an even more recongizable extend of how easy life can be and how wonderful creation in itself is.

Churru is really a sacred medicine and I haven't understood to this day why it was ever made illegal for any other reason than to limit ones vibration. For me it is a really expansive substance that is nothing else but positive throughout and in all ways.

I am going to stay in this state and place as long as I can. Just to be with life and myself is satisfying to me and I am truly happy right now.

Do you remember the last time you were really happy and satisfied ?

Let us know down below with a comment!

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