RELAXING | Paradise beach on Ilha Grande

> RELAXING | Paradise beach on Ilha Grande <

Black shadow from a tree is covering the yellow-white sand leaving a pattern on one of the many beaches on Ilha Grande that is magical. My Fiancé is using this moment to relax on a swing, having a perfect view on the clear turquoise-blue water. Our friends are enjoying this scenery from one of the tables prepared for many more tourists to come covered with shadow from the red umbrellas. But for now we are alone and all the other yellow and blue chairs you can see are empty.

Some boats which ready to take off into the sea are floating along the coastline. In the far distance on the left you can see one of the hills raising out of the water that give plenty of joy if you are interested in hiking instead of taking a boat to get to the paradise beaches.

The opportunity to take a bath is not just given through the refreshing pure water but also through the sun with one of the many deckchairs that are available here. This setting is made for a purification of our sometimes crowded mindful state of being and it takes literally no time to be beamed into blissful states of awe putting your feet into the legendary sands of Ilha Grande.

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