PEACE | Chilling on a Amazon river

> PEACE | Chilling on a Amazon river <

Kids are jumping and playing while letting their intuition take over their reality. Right under my head is a necklace I received as a gift that carries two feathers of a local bird in front of my heart. It makes me feel welcomed and brings forth a feeling of unity with the jungle.

The brownish running river water is full of muddy earth and minerals which makes it a deep joy going swimming in it with or without cloth. It is one of the natural playgrounds for the children of the Huni Kuin tribe.

A little boat is parked on the side just in front of the wild rainforest grass. I am sitting on another more enormous version of indigenous boat which has a rain protective roof with my feet hanging in one of the myriad side arms of the big Amazon River. It is very common here to use boats on a daily basis for transportation or general travel and we are in one of their what we would call harbors.

I am very relaxed even though I just have been through an intense baptism that ended with a Kambo ritual that is still visible on my left lower leg. The name they gave me is the same as the boy dressed with a black shirt next to me. We are both Kupis which translates to “the fastest”.

Looking at the kids makes me want to return being one myself. Here in the midst of the Amazon in Acre society functions on such a different level that acting on our cultural habits can become more difficult than just pure being. It makes it easier in many cases to just somehow be in a kid state of being and naturally connected to the flow of life. In this case it is the flow of the river that reminds me how simple existence can be and how everything is always present to be experienced in all-ways.

It can be really dreamlike to spend multiple weeks away from the western world in deep nature and definitely believe challenging to a point in which life changing adjustments are made. The deep peace this region of earth can emit to me is fascinating and creates such an intense sensation of freedom inside of myself.

The inhabitants of the Altamira village that lays right next to the shore in the picture also like to call themselves the "real people" and are amongst the ones of the easiest going humans I have encountered on planet earth.

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