On our Way

Hi Trippers was geeeeeeeeht,

it is only one more week in January 2021 and then we have passed already the first month of this new year. Me and my Fiancé are patiently waiting for our flight tickets to Brazil. We booked a roundtrip ticket with a brazilian travelagency back then in 2020 when we were stranded on Ilha Grande for three and a half month. Our flight back to Brazil got canceled and now Breno from the travel company promised us another ticket that he will get for us tomorrow.

I am surrounded by so many people only talking about restrictions, corona, how everything is shitty and only getting worse. To me this can get extremly challenging because for me it is difficult to understand why oneself would put so much focus on these things. I also believe by putting focus upon something we give it energy and therefore life. I think there is always everything in the range of us to pull into our earth life experience and that includes happyness and satisfaction. So why not try to focus on that to choose an experience where these phenomenas are included and manifested.

Sometimes I believe my frequency is so different that I am not really going away to places but places come to me that match more of who I am in the moment. From an idea that our world is merely a reflection and not really out there this thought is not far away from a truth.

I think I am finding a way around all this and still am able to live my life the way I like to. I have yet to encounter an extreme moment that really denies me a basic core life concept. I think we can always make everything we really need happen and the circumstances do not matter. So if we want to travel we can do that!

We can always attract the right people, places and situations to make the things happen we wish for and strive for. If they are not happening I am sure it is because they are not supposed to and are truly in its core not relevent for us at the moment. But maybe in the next moment they become available again. That is why a concept of giving up is also not one that I like to integrate too much.

I will be excited to see if in 2 weeks I am writing to you from Brazil and if travelling for me is still possible during these times. Unfortunatly we don't have any Trippers for this year because I think people see too much risk in trying to get out to far. There might also be fear involved even though I am sure we could make it happen and spend amazing times together. I hope I do not want to proove them otherwise and my intension of travelling is a pure one because then I am sure I will be in one of my favorite countries which is Brazil soon.

Have a great day!

This is I, lit, living the live wishing you a nice Trip!

From the heart,


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