MOMENTS | Falling in love in Guaratiba

> MOMENTS | Falling in love in Guaratiba <

Our eyes are fixed onto the dreamlike scenery right in front of us that I don’t even know where to begin with to describe. It is really early in the morning and we just arrived here hiking for about one and a half hours through the dark prior to enjoying this moment of the about to be rising sun.

The sea is incredibly calm and the reflections create a unique bluish-white-orange type of color play on the waters. Little pieces of mountains are sticking out of the Atlantic Ocean in this returning semicircle bent coastline section of Guaratiba which lies in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

These kind of mountain-water landscapes are typical in this region and here is one of the perfect spots to witness them from a higher altitude area as we are on top of one of these elevations falling right into the sea.

We seem to have a sunny day in front of us as there are no clouds visible in the pure blue sky that turns yellow and orange before it goes into flaming red as the color transitions into dark blue on the horizon.

This might be a bit kitschy but what can I say; the person next to me has come into my life and changed everything in my being once more. I couldn’t be more blessed to have all this around me in this moment of time.

It is one of those blinks of an eye flashes I want to hold on to forever and I can through this picture. Nevertheless I am obviously now writing this in a total different environment. That is one of the reasons we came up with the idea to creating a travel portal in which we want to also take you to places like this to share unforgettable seconds all together.

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