MAGIC | Sunset on Maui

> MAGIC | Sunset on Maui <

Colors are being processed in the brain that don't occur on a regular basis. What is being shown to me is hard to believe and ground into the actual happening of this spectacle in front of me. Calm waves are creating a comfortable audible and slight warm wind is accompanying the whole experience we are living.

A group of people are watching a foto just taken being amazed by the outcome of it. The usual refelcted blue colors of the water are transformed magically completely into spectrums of orange, purple, pink and violet leading to a mix of pure beauty. In the sky you can see all of this in a more defined way what is reflected in the water. Layers of clouds take on different colors which are scaled in a horizontal way.

The sand of the beach is nothing short of the rest that is being seen here. Mixtures of black and grey with a slight touch of yellow sand color are creating a perfect contrast to the rest of the scene. I mean really, I know nature is pretty and amazing but this has to be one of the most beautiful sceneries I've ever witnessed.

I love sunsets and therefore I think live led me here to this moment because I am so passionate about them. I regularly take time around this phenomena happening to merge with the sensation of day transitioning into the night. It is something so special and fascinating to me that it is a must do each day I get a chance to watch it.

There aren't many occurances like this one and I really have phases in my life I daily go out into nature just to watch the sunset. Moments like this one make me feel alive to the maximum extend possible and I would trade it all to live it again and again.

Magic can happen in many ways and Sunsets like this are one of them for me.

What has been a sunset you remember and where were you?

Let us know in the comments

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