Looks who's Bizzack

- A Trippin' through Dimensions BLOG -


Hi Trippers was geeeeeeeeeht,

guess who's Back? I touched down in Germany some days ago... actually it's already been more than a week.

I took my flight sunday the 2nd of May in Rio de Janeiro. It was a really busy ending there and I have lots of nice stories to share and experiences I collected. One you can check out on our YOUTUBE channel:


Some others I keep for myself or some others I will share with you here and through my music rap project FLYMINGOlife. Just now I am working on many music videos and skits that will tell an awesome story to follow. Unfortunatly it will all be in german for everyone not understanding my native language. In case you are still interessted you can go here with all the german speaking rap fans:


I wish you can join me next year on my journeys, so I have already put the dates for 2022.


So much to do and so much to work on in these coming weeks and month. I will be hosting my Jung Kemmo website and drop many music videos. Soon my rapmusic will be on all major streaming plattforms as well and I guess I will slowely drift my attention from this eco travel agency project to the music project.

Anyways, for as long as the wix plan will carry this site I will keep you posted and drop some BLOGs every here and now. Well that is exaggerated, let's say once in a while

Have a great week!

This is I, lit, living the live wishing you a nice Trip!

From the heart,


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