Is it really that easy?

Hey Trippers was geeeht,

It is… *drumroll* not Friday at all. It’s already Monday.

I am sitting in the train to my grandparents place in NRW, the western part of Germany. Yesterday I got to talk to my fiancé after we parted ways again some weeks ago. We talked for 5 hours and she is so beautiful that I barely had enough. I can’t wait to see her but we are also getting better in being far from each other. I still hold jealousy and doubts in my believe structure which sometimes triggers really nasty emotions inside of me joining forces with mind-sets of being cheated on or losing her. This is a really big topic in my entire life. I am almost constantly surrounded by schemes of trust and many decisions I am offered and need to take are based on this phenomenon. It can be very hard and challenging for me to trust people and even myself. Especially if it has been broken in the past I tend to carry it in my being for really long periods of time. But I’m also learning so much to be in the moment and that each split of a mille second we can choose to see us as a completely new person or collective which makes it impossible to carry past occurrences into the now.

There has been so much going on the last time I was writing down words about my journey on earth, that it is really hard to even start remembering. I guess I could write pages about each day sometimes.

I just checked the last post where I left off and I was about to channel in Hamburg. We were a lovely group of 6 people and some brought gifts with them that made me really happy. Some of them have never joined a channelling event but all of them enjoyed it. I met such lovely souls and it was so great to be together with this group. Alok gave me some Rapé from Australia and Nathalie candles, healing water and chocolate. That was really special. Thank you!

The next days I stayed with my aunt and she invited me for lots of things. Vegan food, Planetarium, Coconut water and a boat cruise rowing to watch a huge firework that happens for the Japanese celebrated Kirschblütenfest. What a night it was to have a lights filled view on Hamburg from the lake with 9 more people in a paddling boat before the fireworks lit up the whole city and leaving sparkling colour marks all over the water in front of us. I was gone and some tears started to build up also missing Marcinha. But I was also filled with joy and gratitude because this moment came to surprise out of no-where and was all the sudden now-here. The next day I was already on my way to Externsteine.

I took the Bus to Hannover where my now good homie Manu picked me up. We arrived around 17.00 there and Nathalie came first. The others were already in the area chilling under a huge and beautiful tree in the middle of the grass in front of these mystic rocks.

The energy from the first second was so special to me. We had such deep conversations and it didn’t take long to find a really good vibe between us. Looking at it from this perspective I am so happy to have come across Bashar and Darryl Anka. Also all the others that have come forth to step up to the scene and share their gifts and unique perspectives about existence itself. The harmony was great between all the participants and after climbing trees, making music and joking around we decided to channel around sunset directly on the top of the Externsteine.

To enter the channelling state there was so special. I felt the connections to the stones and endless directions to move to from this place. Also a bit like a living library and it was so clear to me that this place is a very special one not only on earth but also in the Milky Way and beyond. There is such a big knot and gateway reaching far throughout our universe. I am missing the word but it’s like a port, a station, intersection, cluster, collection, gathering point, space hub, interwoven highway, crossroad, interface, dock, focus, concentrated traffic and multidimensional portal. Through Markus came that it is actually the last stand of an ancient Lemurian Temple that stretched up to 100 km and more into the land from here which was the inner ring of the immense temple. It was hard to grasp the energy of this place even in a channelling state and for the YahYel and Markus Samu LL i.

We ended up getting harshly interrupted by a lady that claimed we were in her living room protecting this sacred place from our presence. Then we ended the day camping in the woods.

The next day we were awoken by drumming and when crazy magic jako wanted to have a look he returned with big eyes and said the angles have landed. Indeed there were people from Mexico dressed in white holding a ritual. Later joined us a shaman from the Himalayas randomly joining the ceremony and connecting the mountain people with the ocean people he said. It was such a high loving energy of all the participants and at one point we were all hugging each other as if we were family reunited after a long journey. What a magical weekend it was and I am still in awe writing this down a week later. It was crazy how the shamans didn’t know of each other but were brought to this place at the same moment synchronistical to join forces. I guess that is how they go about in their life because it seemed like they knew they weren’t just coming to visit but with a greater purpose not knowing what to expect. I know this kind of guidance and energy from multiple Ayahuasca sessions and also when energy picks up and I am guided magically to the right places and people that only a higher mind can understand and make happen in this way. It seems to be pointless but then something draws me to sit down there for a minute, wait at the red light but skip the next and then looking one more time to the nature to hug a tree just to enter the subway just in the right time and wagon to meet a friend for example that I didn’t even know was in the city just for him to tell me something that leads me to the next synchronicity. I love being in this mood and energy because it is so full of purpose and an effortless flow of not needing to know at all the next steps.

Driving back to Hannover we realized that physically only 26 hours have passed because it felt like at least 2 days we were spending there. Again what a deep blessing that I can’t thank life enough for.

Later that day I met Reiner or Hopi who I know from the Ayahuasca retreat with Txana Ixa in Berlin in 2017. I had the chance to spend one week guarding a real shaman and hosting him in Germany by myself back then. Hopi came couple more times to my Roda de Rapé and now it was the perfect moment to visit him in his day to day living space. The first night we spend in the woods in a place that he inhabits with his girlfriend Janet. Then we went to a Trailer park on a huge lake where we swam naked, cooked vegan meals and made music just slowing down existence. The Rapé we took daily for sure did its part to enter this deep relaxation mood. For me the perfect space, surroundings and opportunity to calm down from the YahYel & Freunde Tour 2019.

On Wednesday we decided to go to Berlin to meet some by now fixed and back then potential travellers or trippers. You can maybe imagine how I feel right now. After one year of hustle and struggle I have my first trip really filling up with people. This is soooo amazing. I love life! What crazy lovely humans this planet has birthed is beyond words. We spend 3 wonderful days in Berlin and went from one fulfilling, exciting and happy moment to the next. Swimming naked in the Spree River in little Venedig and sleeping outside in the park were more highlights next to all the people we connected with. On the last day all energies were gathered as we joined a Yawanawa concert that gave me Goosebumps and electricity throughout my whole being. WOW! I love connecting to natives and their great spirit, especially through music. Then at night we drove all the way to Alzey to arrive around 8 a.m. the next day. There we met another Tripper that wants to cure a devastating illness with us in the jungle. Later that day my old friend Heiner picked me up and I went to my old homie click Kibo Klikk that I mentioned a lot in my songs and rolled with for a whole decade.

It was great to see a few of them and Heiner and I also joined a remembering game for our teammate Steward Robbins that passed away in 2010 out of nowhere. I met some people I haven’t seen in 15 years and it was strange and funny at the same time. One had the same girlfriend that he just got to know when I played there now being his wife with kids. It somehow still felt like yesterday and the whole situation was really hilarious to me because it almost felt like just a dream. After all I have gone through… how in the hell was I with tied Basketball sneakers back on the court with teammates and people I haven’t seen in 15 years.

After the game almost all of them got entirely wasted and I was glad to have “cured” my addiction to alcohol and this state of being, having no conflicts to say no to the countless offers of a few of them almost forcing me to drink. Yesterday from this now moment here was the day after the one last mentioned. They were sleeping out their hangovers and I had a really great talk with my friend Christof. He tried to give me the most honest description of who I have become in his perspective and highlighted for 3 hours all the negative things he could find in me. I love honesty and it helps me grown but I was also proud of how secure I have become in my way of being and life in general. From this moment I highly doubt we will resonate for long in the same reality but this is OK and who knows what the future really brings, I think it has been an hour now writing these last 10 days down. I am still in the train. What a trip!

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice trip!

from the heart,


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