Is it real or am I dreaming?

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Hi Trippers,

today is the 23rd of November in 2018. It is 03:16 am. I wanted to start this Blog on Thursday and keep writing every time our Gregorian calendar hits that seven-day mark on this day. Now on my first day I am already late because its already Friday =). My life has become very busy indeed.

Some years ago that used to be different. I was in a very comfortable situation considering managing time. I was lucky enough to inherit 50.000,- Euro from my grandpa that passed away. I never had a close relationship with him. I remember seeing him about four to five times in my life.

Already in 2013 I decided to change my life. I left everything I had gained and built up to this point to start all over again. For the first time in my life I felt free. My 4 year relationship to my girlfriend back than just had ended, my 7 year old son at that time left Germany to live in Japan, my bachelor certificate was secured and for the first time in my life since I was 12 I decided not to join another season of basketball. The world was open for me to be explored.

Funny how life makes me write this first post way into the night. Its now 03:23 am. That means I am already writing for 7 minutes. But now its already 03:24 am. Basically since I am out of school I haven't had a regular schedule like most other humans on this planet. Going to bed between 02:00 and 04:00 and waking up around 12:00 or 13:00 is very normal in my way of living.

When I look at my bank account today it says -377.20,- Euro. Now you might wonder what happened to that heritage of my dead grandpa. I gave 5.000,- to my son. Spend about 5.000,- trying to save my marriage, inviting my still-ex-wife to a Beyonce concert in London and showing her around in Europe. She is Brazilian and has never left the country before. She was born and raised in a Favela and I found it amazing to open those opportunities for her.

I also had to pay some depth and spend some more money shooting self made music videos. It didn't take me long to buy tickets back to Brazil where I started going frequently after I went there first in 2013. Even though my marriage was broken, the connection to this place was well intact and ready to be explored some more. I ended up spending the rest of the about 38.000,- Euros in the following two years. There is too many things I have done and lived to put them all here in this BLOG in this format.

Some highlights were joining a Bashar event and going to spend 3 weeks in the Amazon with indigenous people. I was baptised and received the name Kupi Enu Bake from mother earth herself. This was another huge step into my individual freedom how we will still see in the future. Now for all who don't know Bashar, he is an extraterrestrial from Esassani. I met him through the channel Darryl on youtube back in 2013.

The Sassanis approach to life is in most cases very different than ours. They say all we need to do in life is to follow our greatest joy, with integrity, to the best of our ability with 0 expectation or insistence of what the outcome ought to be. I thought, well if they can do it, I can too.

To this day there were some phases during my journey I have lived up to this formula and it really worked great. I am still following this idea but sometimes not 100% committed because I still hold fear and doubt that life actually always works this way.

By now I have totally turned around my being. I barely see people I saw five to six years ago. The other day I went to a basketball game from ALBA Berlin against MHP Ludwigsburg to see my long time friend David McCray. He and a few others I still connect with once a year or sometimes twice. Other than that my circle of friends is completely new and I meet amazing new people on a weekly basis.

I do channel myself now. My mom came to participate the other day and I luckily still find strings to hold on to my family. I love them very much and they mean the world to me no matter how different we might be. I also see my 13 year old son every year for one to two month who currently lives in Philadelphia.

Curiosity has become my driving force in life and the best way to explore it today is by travelling. I love to travel. Luckily my current girlfriend and fiancé loves it just as much. I took her with me about 2 years ago to discover our beloved mother Gaia. We have been to 15 countries together in just a short time and decided to create this portal here. I wanted to call it Trippin' through Dimensions. I still don't know if she fully agrees. I somehow doubt it but we are on such a nice vibe together that those things don't really matter too much to us anymore. It is truly amazing to have someone like her to share my life with. A blessing from the heavens and I am thankful for this opportunity every day. Muito Gratidao!

One day I want to write a book about what I have gone through and experienced in the last five to six years. I think it will be more volumes since there is so much to cover. But for now I want to focus in the here and now and cover this amazing journey of starting this project. So every Thursday or Friday early morning you will hear from me.

I know my life will take me to new heights in the upcoming years. I feel it so strongly that I ask myself frequently: "Is this real or am I dreaming?". Now its 03:56 am and time to sleep...

actually its 04:04 now because I read everything again. Synchronisations are another topic I want to write about =).

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice Trip!

from the heart,


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