How was it after going to Croatia for 9,99 Euro?

Updated: May 22, 2019

Hey Trippers was geeeht,

I am in Croatia and just now, putting my pen down because I am without Laptop and therefore need to write on paper, it is starting to rain.

I am sitting outside our Airbnb with sea view and it is about to turn night. It is Saturday but at least I am writing something at all because one week I skipped completely and broke the rhythm of writing each week once.

Writing is amazing. Especially using a pen instead of typing. It gives me grounding and allows myself to express more of who I am and at least parts of my inside world. So far I am not getting lots of views on my BLOG and it has been probably half a year since I am writing something down every week but one.

It's always fun to reflect on my journey on planet earth and I can barely catch up with my progress and who I have become. The last 3 weeks really took me back to another timeline of mine and I was even playing Basketball again. I still dream about playing at least once a week. Today is 2 games in the NBA that will be deciding game 7's and I will make homemade quesadillas to watch them both. I put up some Euros and if both away teams win I can get up to 47 Euro plus the money back I bet which is a lot considering the inside of my wallet. So clearly my heart still beats Basketball and to be honest I have no Idea what happened these last 7 years travelling the more I find myself back in Europe. It all starts to fade like a dream that never physically happened.

Right now I am in Croatia and a 9,99 Euro bus-ticket-offer took me here all the way from Germany. We made jokes about it how I paid 8,50 for a single ride from Chorin where we lived in January to Berlin which is less than 100 km and to an island called Krk across Europe it was just 1,49 Euro more. That is kind of the rewards I receive for being brave and trying to life like as open and free as I can. I allow myself to act very fast not having a fixed home and only 3 bags for cloths and things for life.

So now I am all the sudden 200 meters away from the Mediterranean sea and no way in the world would I ever thought of being here regarding my plans just some weeks ago. I love when life and trust guides me instead of my fears and surprises me in this manner. I actually don't really know how to do it differently anymore.

June is completely open too and only my son arriving mid July will put me back to a somewhat schedule.

I miss a little bit my computer and editing Videos but not a lot. I have been without it for almost 1 month now and took my behind outside more than anything else. Just now I can listen a bird singing and many others in the background. Also my nose senses for smelling have been triggered each day walking around Krk, the golden island.

Many times and days here I have felt like truly nothing is missing in my life right now and I love to bath in this knowing and feeling.

We have 2 more full days to spend here before we head to Vienna where the YahYel & Friends Tour 2019 is popping off.

The weather says it will get super rainy and temperature drops of 7-8 degrees are being forecasted. But these first 5 days here we made it count and even took a swim in the sea. We hiked many many km through endless beauty and smells and I am so so so grateful for life to offer me these opportunities again and again and again.

I am still with money in my pocket and if the weather allows it I will rent a scooter on Monday. I have no Idea when I last rode a scooter and how I have made it so far up until here but for sure for the most part it is due to my parents who keep supporting me and Marcinha. They actually became my 2nd and 3rd customers now on yahyel.de and bought ticket number 2 & 3 for the Heidelberg session. Thank you so much Konni and Friedel!

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice trip!

from the heart,


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