How much crazy is still healthy?

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Hey Trippers,

IT IS FRIDAY! I made it! So nice.

Where am I?

I am sitting in Kiel next to a window in the highest apartment of the building. It is my friends building that rented me the money or us to fly back from Iceland. Luckily we were able to pay him back because we received some money from my parents.

We haven't yet been able to take back the 400 dollars we first lost due to a checking-banknotes-if-they-are-real-machine that was sure they were fake. Now some month later we received a letter that says they were real and we can get them back. We kind of counted on that money but my girlfriend forgot the letter to bring and at 15:30 it was too late for the police to be present. I don't even remember when we were here last in Kiel to try to change the money.

Anyways everything went fine until now and we just came here from my grandparents who live in St. Tönis aka Tönisvorst. There we spend Christmas and it was nice to be back with my roots and my family. I had moments in the Amazon and while travelling through south America in which I thought I would never see them again. There were moments I just had one more wish. That was to come back home and give my mom a big hug. So I try to remember that when I see my family again because usually when we are together we don't really are on the same page about our believes and ways we create life.

Before that we visited Augsburg and one of the most important people I got to meet throughout my journey on earth. I was studying there in the land of Bavarian people for 4 years and spend some amazing moments on the basketball court. Also off the playgrounds and away from the orange leather I met really great humans. So I always try to reconnect with them and my time there at least once a year.

We started hosting the beer-pong world championships I think 2015 or 2014 and it has become a tradition. Last year the Russians won and its always a reason for all of us to meet again and exchange how we are and what's happening in our lifes. I remember them visiting me in Berlin twice and we always went crazy and literally tripped through dimensions. We smoked lots of weed and once took magic mushrooms that really made us experience life from a completely new angle.

Since we went skiing and snowboarding in Austria the week before we passed through Augsburg and Bavaria anyways and it was our chance to stop by there. I still remember the alps and the altitude which gave a new feeling to life for me. I am a Capricorn by zodiac sign and I love to climb high and have a overall view over things. So mountains are very attractive for me.

Now you might wonder how all this is possible with my bank account status. Well I am back to - 789,- Euro. I earned some +1000,- working construction for 4-5 weeks and made some money doing rape ceremonies and offering channelling. Also we decided to leave our apartment which gave us an extra 420,- Euros of rent we should have paid. We saved lots of money going to supermarkets that offered food for us that they would have thrown away. Also we went to a Tafel which gives lots of older food that is about to be rotten for 1 Euro that otherwise lands in the trash.

I always had crazy ideas. The less money the crazier the idea. Once i tried to sell fresh fruit shakes in the middle of the street in Berlin. I bought a long electricity cable to get the mixer to work all the way down there. Another one was to become a rapper. I have made more than 10 Albums/Mixtapes and only sold for like 300,- to 400,- Euro in +5 Years.


My Girlfriend was so worried about us having a place to live and now she realizes more and more how if we let life take care of us instead of our brains miracles can happen on a daily basis. So us being stressed for 3-4 month of finding a place that ended up not working anyways we could have just trusted in life because it made us travel to Iceland, Austria and see some amazing people instead of sitting in our own place in Eberswalde. An exchange I would take any day.

Lets see what this next 7 days bring to us and me since we are not yet with a full plan of what we want to do and experience!

See you next Friday...

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice Trip.

from the heart,


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