How much coincidence is still a coincidence?

Hey Trippers was geeeht,

she is back! And it is Monday already.

I am happy and our relationship right back where it left off before I went to Spain and my Fiance on a eastern Europe trip with her friend Camila. Tonight we will travel to Croatia.

This is a good topic to start. So my bank blocked my account and I had no more money. I had 80 to 70 Euro left for life in cash for Spain and after since I didn't spend any money there because the package to go there was an all inclusive one. So I haven't booked any other trips beforehand for my tour even though my parents wanted to help me out with 250 Euro travel money that the put on my Paypal account. What happened during the time I last wrote a BLOG is, that the universe sent a gift from heaven!

Flixbus decided to give away tickets for 10 Euro to any destination in the period from the 6th of May until the 28th of May. To remind you my tour in which I needed to travel a lot is from the 15th of May to the 1st of June. This is one of the positive examples of going with the flow and letting go of how things need to be done from a mental standpoint. Yes, you could argue that it is all coincidence but by now I have experienced so many of these situations that I believe in all possible perspectives of things like these happening. On possibly being that the YahYel and Source have brought Flixbus an idea that matches with the universe wanting to support this tour and all of the participants of this idea actually benefit and so many more that also could use this offer for themselves. I can sometimes sense and visualise these conversations going on in a higher plane of existence. Like: "Hey there is this guy that wants to do a tour for the YahYel but he has no more money to travel. How can we help him without interfering in the free will of the collective human consciousness." and so on... until it finds its way into physical manifestation in which I am ultimately and sometimes very directly a big part of. All I can say is magic is really out there but we have to be brave and really allow it to happen. The bigger the leap the bigger the surprise, is what I have found out to be true for me. And for sure source is so smart to always find ways that benefit all since life in its core is pure abundance of all that is.

So I checked where and when Flixbus goes and the luxury of my lifestyle of not being bond to a fix schedule, job or strong commitments of any kind allow me to spontaneously act. Also I am homeless again and I will be more than happy staying in Krk for 7 days for 100 Euro.

Like I wrote before I helped my friend Werner four days of working and received about 350 Euro. I think coinbase is showing a slight improve of the crypto market and I have been successfully betting on NBA games which makes it easily possible for me to go on this journey to croatia.

My dad decided to pay off some of my ~1300 Euro depth at the bank now and so I own him his payment to do that of 800,- Euro which leaves me with minus just below 500 Euro on DKB bank which I still love having as a partner. I hope I can create this money fast to start having money instead of owning it to someone or something. I had my first "customer" booking on www.yahyel.de It has been around half a year since I created the page and about 3 years of channelling, so I am extremly happy about the progress and to create income with something I would do in life anyways again. That has been following me throughout my lifetime and even my Bachelor final thesis I was able to write about Rap and HipHop music which is now officially part of university literature. Now it is still missing my first official booking on Trippin' through Dimensions.

Away from all this I went out to a bar and decided to drink again this week since we also had the beer pong competition ranking games after the championship was cancelled due to terrible weather conditions and softness of the competitors.

My friend Werner was so sure about going to Haifishbar in which they coincidently had beer from Hawaii that we didn't know before. If you have been following me with some kind of consistency you will know that my dream and only new years resolution was to go to Hawaii from earlier this year. So the signs of Hawaii have been following me a lot. Extensively and very obviously a lot. In Amsterdam already I remember a couple years ago randomly stopping in a perfect moment fitting the thought and conversation pattern in front of a hawaiian named store. Than on the Ilha Grande trip this year at the place we cornered and me getting emotional through the live music a guy stepped out the house in front of us saying something written on his shirt like: "everything is better in Hawaii". Then I went to a game of young talented German basketball players in Munich and met Mario Matic who was the first guy I met right away and haven't seen since probably before 2010. And the only thing written on his Shirt was Hawaii and some company slogan below it. And I just had the Hawaiian beer moment a night before. I know it might sound simple from the outside but the timing these things happened and from my perspective they were always connected to conversations, thoughts and occurrences including Hawaii and synchronicities that always blew my mind because they came in extremely fitting moments and felt like a higher consciousness talking to me. Well actually most of the time it must have been and did just that.

I also went to a club that had the slogan for a party called remembering back to the past. I haven't been in this club for at least 6 years and probably the only club in germany besides in Berlin I have visited since going to Brazil in 2013. They only had this party a few times a year or even just once or less in the last couple years. So I had a moment in this party looking at just those letters digitally moving on a big screen on top on the other side of the dancefloor moving from right to left saying BACK TO THE PAST. It created a smirk on my face and laughter inside myself since before 2013 I came to this club a lot and no way in heaven I would have thought to ever be back here. It really felt like dreaming and I probably wouldn't even be that surprised to wake up somewhere else in that moment. Once I celebrated moving up a league in Basketball which we call "Aufstieg" in Germany and it is a very special achievement for us since only the first place gets to do it each year. So creation really remembers all of what I have been through and just keeps bringing me back effortless to places I shared huge emotional states with to my surprise that in no way or any thought were wished for from my perspective. That is probably the most fascinating function I have come across in my life so far from source itself. So after all my journeys and explorations in the jungle in the Amazon, in my own self and in the 20+ countries I have been these last years I mysteriously find myself drinking in the 'my past living city' not in any way being able to put the puzzle pieces or picture together from a logical point of view. In these moments like I described life really starts feeling like a dream and not as "real" anymore as I defined real in the past but actually becoming more real from my today's definitions.

The same happened when on Thursday I played Basketball again for the first time since last summer. After practice I sat disbelieving on the floor and was like: "How in the world am I back here. I was just travelling on Ayahuasca in the jungle completely dismantling my past and now I am here again. WOW! In these moments, also happening watching the game in Munich, I ask myself heavily if all these last 6 years actually happened at all or not because they feel like from another lifetime truly.

Always when I am at Warner's home I am fascinated by his paintings and finally I allowed myself to also take time to draw again which I really enjoyed doing in my childhood. His paintings came from the time he just came back from his own journey and trip through dimensions which he started in his late 20s and lasted for some years also. So I can see the energy he explored and experienced during this time in his paintings and to me they are way beyond any worth of money and I can get lost in them seemingly in eternity.

Even with all this mental challenges it was great to see all the guys and travel to my past for almost 3 weeks now.

Tonight I continue my journey forward into the future again and on Saturday night I held up my last beer to my forehead to accompany this ritual with a prayer and enjoyed my last beer for now in life. I won my maybe last beer pong game, which was a close one, and had a fun time with my friends from the past. I love you guys! They are also tattooed on my left forearm since I never want to forget what we experienced together and who they are and have been.

Marcinha flew in for the beer pong all the way from Berlin and really surprised me. The things she does for our relationship and be are beyond expressible words and I love her sooooo much. So we are back together physically speaking like I wrote earlier. I am happy we are in this type of relationship for now since sometimes I doubt if closed relationships are sustainable nowadays for long periods of time. The intimacy and energy we share and created over time are from another world to me and are so special, deep and beautiful that I think we couldn't manifest them otherwise. After all my grandparents did 60 years marriage this year and it seems to be also in my human DNA to have this possibility of creating it very strong inside of me. So case of thoughts of open relationship is CLOSED again but I am still wondering where these thoughts come from and what intension they truly carry.

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice trip!

from the heart,


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