How many more stairs to the top?

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Hey Trippers was geeeht,

Friday once more! Rhythm seems to come back. Tomorrow I am back in Berlin after journeying around for about a month now. What a month it has been. I am just realizing it now.

I am sitting in a small room with a bunk bed and a normal bed put together in a L shape since there is no space in here. This is the place I will spend the night with Marcinha tonight.

Tomorrow is the second date of the YahYel & Friends Tour 2019 but before we want to explore the Bastei in the sächsische Schweiz some more. What a crazy fascinating national park we have here in my home country. I am blown away. What nice hiking trails and what astonishing views. It is so nice that I get to write to you today because I just came back from one of the best hikings in my life.

We left this morning from Krippen and took the old school tram to the last stop entering the national park of sächsische Schweiz. From there after a short stop at the waterfall we went back one station before heading up the sand stone mountains. We had no map but there were usually signs and always friendly people to ask for the way. We ended up seing so much and way more and better as I had expected even though these expectations were huge already.

I just love nature so much and to find this precious piece in Germany means a lot to me. We were supposed to camp tonight so we can save 46 Euro. Since I was with 175 Euros left for life in my wallet and spend 75 of them in a few days I am now only left with 100 Euro for life. I thought it would be better to camp instead of 46 Euros for this little room I am writing in now.

But I am in this transition of deserving and trusting more than worrying somehow and the Tour went so good in Vienna that it paid 130 Euro. 40 was for the host Daniela from LichTanker and it left me with 90 Euro. What a freaking number game compared to what I could live and experience today alone.

This whole month has been ridiculous nice. Also coming to Vienna and my good homie Gerhard taking really good care of us and setting up a place to stay was incredible. All the sudden out of no where we were in this room to stay and shared an apartment with two wonderful human beings, Veronika and Mik. Actually they are 3 =).

Gerhard or Gär Heart was the best host and the energy went through the roof with every minute passing and every word being exchanged. It is so nice to meet fully aware or awake people as we like to term them in the e.t. community. The upliftment that happens when physically sharing the same space with a human being tuned in like this does not seem to have any border at all. So my joy and fun and feeling great went limitless expanding in rapid speed and it was so good to feel like this again. Also since my channelling there and all the topics that came up felt so in alignment with the YahYel and my higher self. The last 2-3 days it was like I was constantly channelling my higher self for myself and I had countless conversations inside my head that were very clear and helpful. So the energy picked up already immensely and on this point: THANK YOU GERHARD, Vienna and Reiki Fuchs for all you did for me in such a short time.

Tomorrow I will be back to Berlin which means the Laptop is back and I can transcript all these written pages here in my actual physical book. I got lots of typing to do already and so I stop writing now. You hear from me next week!

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice trip!

from the heart,


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