How fun is it to live in the unknown?

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Hey Trippers was geeeeht,

today is Friday again. So I am back in Germany and right away the order sets back in. I think not once I Blogged on Friday this entire time in Brazil. Not that I didn't want but I was so busy out in nature that I barely had internet available. Also I was really caught up in the moment and didn't feel too much like Blogging. Here in Germany I have more time for these kind of regular scheduled appointments and everything works all the time and everywhere it seems. But I still don't really feel like Blogging. Maybe I will stop again soon.

I am sitting on the couch of Txai Joe Andersons place in front of my Laptop right now. Today we already checked a room to live in and did the same 2 days ago. The first opportunity was already turned down, so everyday we face these nervous moments of not knowing how life will continue. I was able to get 60 more Euro out the ATM from which we bought food and our bus ticket to Berlin. Now I am with 15 Euros left and no place so far for life. Thank you Bashars formula. I have hope and can sense that everyday I am getting closer to manifesting a completely different lifestyle.

Already this week I received a mail from a random person asking about the contact stones. He had an incredible experience including teleportation that he shared with me. He also went off planet and talked to extraterrestrials. So I am starting to attract the right people for my business if they can join this idea of exchanging money for my services. Any day now I feel I could break through.

I am also starting to organize and plan the YahYel & Freunde Tour 2019 and already have people interested in coming. They are also in parts isolated people who have a hard time sharing their thoughts, ideas and experiences with their surroundings and feel like coming home in these kind of gatherings.

Our travel back to Germany took us more than 24 hours and we can still feel it today. Together with Jetlag we are just hanging around and are so grateful for our friend Johannes to host us here at his place. Yesterday we tried to watch a movie again but were too tired and exhausted from all the stress we are feeling and worries that come up in these times.

Luckily my fiancé has a lot of trust in me and she calms down very fast. This is something amazing for me to be part of and experience. Even though she gets more anxious about our situation than me, it also helps me to get going in a different direction. We have lots of talks about what we really want and life in general. So we are getting to know each other on so many levels. Without her I probably would have surrendered already completely and just live in a tend.

We already checked places in Hawaii again and its funny how close and far those two realities are next to. The one we are living now with money depth and everyday worries and the one owning a house in one of earth most unique locations. Maybe that is what it takes to really create a feeling of how much we deserve it. I realized that feeling is such a big key to manifesting and if it helps us to feel more deserving or confident, I am ready to go through this period right now. I always think to myself: others have done it and since I am no different in my capacities of manifestation, I can do it too. I just never know what it takes and I also learned that this is not even to my concern. To let go of the how is a key element to actual going there in the first place. The trying to figure out how, takes more time and energy than letting our higher self take care of it. It can even be a distraction to a point in which we loose the opportunities because we are too crowded in our minds to instead bring information or moments in to actually bring us forward. So I am in the midst of testing these Ideas and concepts.

This week has been lots of adjusting the energies that I had in Brazil and we both realize the immense differences that exist between those two realities. Also a lot of rest was and is still neccessary. I hope I can continue to work on my VLOG soon and also create more trips on www.throughdimensions.com.

I am sure until next week a lot will happen but I truly have no Idea what and how. This is kind of the fun part about throwing myself out there like this. Also for the upcoming month. I could literally end up anywhere on this planet or even another one. What exciting times!

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice trip!

from the heart,


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