How life feels with little money left?

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Hey Trippers was geeeeht?

I am currently in Tres Coracoes. We had a not so pleasant time getting here. There was some disinformation online, which is not uncommon in Brazil, about the departure time for the bus to Caxambu. So we made quick moves and adjustments for the last day.

Today we finally will arrive in Sao Tome das Letras. It is only one day later. Since I last made notes about what has been going on, my friend Johannes went to stay in Santa Teresa and I showed him around. We ate pizza at Tribas, which is sooo good and I showed him the very changed bairro of Santa compared to how it was in my last stay there in 2017.

On Thursday we explored the centro part of Rio and ended the day with a coco gelada on the Flamengo beach strip, watching the young bloods doing their thing on in the local skate park.

I switched my memory stick from my camera to my mp3 player and did not take any pictures or videos these last days still in question or doubt if I should do this VLOG or not since I lost all my material from the first week.

For now I enjoy more the music coming out the speaker and it helps me staying more in the moment. I don't think about what to film and what content to create while I am travelling so much, which helps me stay present in the now. Also if something nice happens I am not with anxiety because I missed filming it and actually record it with my present consciousness. Not to say that the editing part is the worst about me missing out on a actual vacation because it is a lot of work which takes many hours. Adding to all this the Audio of my camera is not the best.

Never the less I am sure I will get back to filming and recording soon and will let you know more directly what is going on. Also to show you some pictures of where the boys are hanging around.

Sao Tome is known for its mysticism and I am so excited to go there for the 4th time in about a hour from now. There have been sightings of craft for month long periods and one of my friends there has already seen a actual physical being itself.

I never know what this place has to offer and in store for me. What it brings to me is always unexpected and this time around it will be the same. Last time I went to some pyramids where they told me I need to become more human again since it was some 7th dimensional initiation that was being done.

There are also many cave entrances and waterfalls that are truly magical. I can't wait to explore more of this town and region.

Money is getting really low and it sometimes makes me nervous but I just need to close my eyes, focus on my breath and then I always feel that everything is just right. Also it helps a lot to just look at the amazing nature here. There are so many levels of green and the forest is unbelievably diverse. It seems every tree is very different from its neighbour and I can get lost for hours just starring at it. It makes me very calm and I feel that there is no place I rather be in these moments. And then I completely fly away from any kind of worry or problem that my mind wants to explore around the idea of survival. In this state I become very proud of myself and self love gets really high. I start being full of emotions that tell me how brave I am and what an amazing being I am for living this way. Then all the calculations I made and stress I felt about money instantly vanishes in forever ness. I love this state of being and would do it over and over just to be here again and again...

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice trip!

from the heart,


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