How are things continuing?

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Hey Trippers,

was geeeeeeeeeht?

So here we are. Kind of stuck in these new times. I am dealing with some frustration and hardship about making the right decisions.

Yesterday I was sure to cancel our upcoming Trips for the beginning of this year. We had some amazing momentum going, a super dope house booked on Ilha Grande and the hope was high to have nice travel group togehter for 2021. So far no one has signed up for our trips and the budget is not enough to apply decent advertising.

I am realizing that this project might not even have a future. Nevertheless what we were able to accomplish in this short amount of time gave me all I needed to move on.

I will still try to create a post daily for January until I get really close to head out to Brazil once more.

Travelling alone or with my fiancé is just as fun as with a group and for myself not a lot will change since I am lucky enough to make travelling happen anyways.

I wrote a text on Facebook trying to make people take a risk because I have no doubt that we can arrive in our destinations no matter the circumstance. We love challanges and to work ourselves around them. I always think if it works for my fiancé and myself it works for all the others as well. But I also understand the concerns people have in these certainly uncertain times.

This is the text I wrote on July 24th...

While Corona can be a very real experience it can also serve us to enjoy living even more since unexpected twist and turns can happen on a daily bases in our human lives. It can therefore be used as a tool to act now and make the things happen we always seem to long for. Life has unlimited moments of joy and happiness and that is exactly what we aim to achieve on our trips.
Yes going on long journeys now might seem more difficult than before but this doesn't mean it is not possible.
We will guide you through the doubts and difficulties and at the end you will return feeling your inner child blossoming once more. There are two trips available for 2021 on this paradise Island. Check them out since they differ greatly from each other...

Our Trips are still up on our page and Facebook. You can check them out here:



I am excited about all our offers and I will try to make them know to you even better in the month of January. Like I mentioned, I will be in all those destinations anyways, with or without you.

I am also working on some stunning videos from the material I captured in 2020 when we went into the Amazon and on Ilha Grande. I will try to create a travel review for Ilha Grande as well since the 'Trippin with Ni Yuxibu 2020' is now online. Click here for Part 1:


Click here for Part 2:


Click here for Part 3:


Lots of things to do as you can tell. No time to waste! Let's keep the travelling spirit alive.

This is I, lit, living the live & wishing you a nice trip!

From the heart,


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