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We just arrived at the brick built train station you can witness in the back of my head. I am in my country of birth that I still call home. The weather here can be a bit grey and dreary at times. Nevertheless we are in a great mood because we are about to explore the Sächsische Schweiz by hiking and with our full backpacks.

Through travelling abroad I allowed myself to step back into my roots which lay in Germany and now find just as amazing places to visit that I didn’t even know we had here before. Compared to other countries I frequently visit, here everything is very structured, in order and always well maintained. So the pathway you can sense on the bottom right part of the picture is a very good example. Every stone fits perfectly to one another and there are no errors to be seen.

Next to it is a more ancient pathway that could have been from the Middle Ages or some centuries before this current millennia of 2000 after Christ. Also the lanterns, handrails, signs, cables, stone walls, poles and pylons are in a systematic well-ordered framework. Behind all this you can glimpse a darker green tree vegetation area that is artificially structured and methodical planted.

Next to us is a green grass field that has some wilderness to it which can be a rarity in my home country that despite all that I love from the bottom of my heart. Even though keeping nature natural is not our strength we have amazing people here and qualities that I have yet to discover somewhere else on this level like responsibility, security, tidiness, orderliness, sharpness and sincere helpfulness.

If you look closely you can actually see a steel hook for securing boats since we are standing right in front of a river waiting for a ferry to take us closer to the mountains. Things like this can last for ages in Europe since they are well planned and constructed with extreme care and integrity.

And we wanna know: which are the 3 FEELINGS that reach you when you think about your hometown?

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