HISTORY | Ancient ruins in Coba

> HISTORY | Ancient ruins in Coba <

Behind me lays endless green forest. Next to me my just as beautiful Brazilian treasure. We are right in the burning mid-day sun but my attention is constantly being taken away into this beautiful landscape.

I can smell the fresh air and being on top of the jungle feels great. Some of the clouds bring shadow over this ancient Mayan land that we are also welcoming to come our way to get a short break from the burning heat.

It took quiet a lot of steps upwards to get here. I am standing on top of the Coba ruin in Quintana Roo Mexico. Putting my feet on a building which was constructed by the Mayan was always a dream of mine. When I saw this particular step-pyramid I could barely believe it. I mean they really built these monuments in the past and they are still here. They put their feet on these stones too and now mine were touching them as well. It felt like connecting with an energy cord through time to this advanced culture that we seem to have lost their true history.

Marcia and me can’t only sense the mysticism about this ancient Maya complex but also experience it through obvious synchronicities that happen to us in and around this area. I feel incredibly connected, timeless, and calm. Somehow like this picture shows, I was a little closer to heaven and for sure it was like being on top of the world for me.

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