HEIGHTS | Haleakalā Hawaii

> HEIGHTS | Haleakalā Hawaii <

A view that cannot be replicated in many places on our planet is been processed by our senses. Cold wind is moving the hair around and it is difficult up here to spot vegetation. We are more than 3000 meters above sealevel. The clouds in fornt of us are a beautiful sight. They are creating a rarely from the top visible layer. References of a cotton pop into the mind through this astonishing view from the top of the vulcano we are on. The Sky above is offering a brought spectrum of the color blue with no limits going upwards.

An ending of the sight is not clear to the eye as the horizon merges the sky with the land in a very far distance. The air is fresh and the body filled with oxygen. The moment is increadible calm and time has left its normal function to create slices of stillness rather than rushing ones. Even though the field of clouds and changing rather fast by the second it is amazing to see this play between being still and moving at the same time.

Not a lot of noise is hearable and it almost seems we have landed on another planet. There are craters and rock formations below us that make us feel in an alien world. For sure from here we are closer to the stars than usual and the feeling of reaching other planets is nearer.

Heights can bring us into alternative states of being. We like to explore those different Dimensions of awareness and the top of Haleakalā has definitly served this purpose for us.

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