Have you ever missed a flight? (Part 2)

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Hi Trippers,

surprise: it is Friday.

So I am officially now changing the BLOG updates to be on this day of the week. That means I already could not fulfill a promise to release every Thursday that I posted as a header on my only 2nd post. But living life like this releases mostly a lot of tension for me. There is so much pressure I build up to be at certain places at a certain time or to deliver certain task to all kinds of people or institutions. Why? Well "that is life" would be the respond of many people and my brain. But I always felt there is indeed truly a different path. There must be. This can be seen as a blessing or a curse.

The blessing is that I get to live a really unique life from my point of view. Now how do I know that? Only through comparing right? I guess so. But comparing takes me out of purity and the alignment to source. So I try to not see myself as so special or unique, still somehow knowing I am.

The Curse is that I am really different then most of the people I am surrounded by. I sometimes constantly have to protect my way of living and thoughts. This can be really exhausting and then I sometimes have the little wish to be more normal. But of course mostly the uniqueness gains on momentum and I am then able again to align myself with my path here on earth that is made just for me.

Maybe some of you were wondering where I am and what has happened since the last post. Yes, I was stuck in the airport in Iceland. And yes it must have been 2005 where I was stuck already for 3 days in Philadelphia airport and Atlanta airport. Straight up stranded! Philly for 3 days and hot-lanta for 1. But it was a great experience and the workers, they actually recognized me being there for this amount of time and started greeting me. One girl even offered me to come stay with her to have a bed but I declined. Another one gave me coupons to by food and drinks after I told her my story.

I met this guy called DayDay through playing professional basketball in Kaiserslautern in the 2004/2005 season. We used to party a lot and I really felt he was a friend of mine. He offered me to fly me to America in the summer, the so called off-season, for 300 dollars. It turned out that he had business partners or something like that, who were able to fake credit card transactions. So my tickets were booked but at the airport, they said the payment was taken back. So I called him and he said: don't worry we will get you another ticket. Well it took more than 3 days and the promises of him took their time. So I called my other friend AU, who was also his friend and after 3 days staying at the airport he picked me back up. Then they managed to book another ticket for me that actually worked but I had an overlay in Atlanta where they again realized the fraud. So I was again stuck in Atlanta and just decided to book my own ticket for more than 1000,- Euro at that time with British airlines. back then there was no internet like there is today so I booked it through a phone call.

Today, thanks god, things have accelerated and we have a way broader spectrum of choosing and decision making. That ended up helping us tremendously in Iceland. We were able to book another flight for the next day with WOW for 380,- Euro and they paid us back about 30-40 Euro taxes from the flight we missed. So around 170,- Euro for each of us wasn't too bad after all. And since I am by now an experienced airport homeless I wasn't worried anyways. I am not a big fan of stereotyping and generalizing but with Brazilians on your side you will most likely learn that timing and being on time is not the same as for Europeans. So it was also not the first time we missed a flight.

Now we are in the train from Austria to Munich and just have 3 days of snowboarding and skiing in our knees and bodies. It was so great being on top of the Alps and not needing to do dishes for 6 days. We had amazing weather and surprisingly much snow for that time of the year even considering all this climate change propaganda. I was really gone for some hours of time and felt lots of excitement and love flowing through my being while sliding down many meters of altitude on a board. I love these moments in life and every time they come I enter very deep states of gratitude.

So everything went well and I have to thank my girlfriend/fiancé Marcininininja for staying patient about finding a way out of Iceland for that cheap and with a direct flight to Berlin so that we can still realize this vacation in Austria. We ended up catching the bus from Berlin to Munich in time before entering a train on Sunday and making it to the hotel to dine the first evening meal. A big shout out to Gasthof Schroll in Kirchbichl for making our stay amazing and really comfortable. Also Skiwelt Kaiser with 88 lifts and somewhat over 250km of skiing possibilities were amazing. Thank you all and you will hear from me next Friday live from planet earth.

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice Trip.

from the heart,


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