Have you ever missed a flight? (Part 1)

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Hi Trippers,

Logbook Gerve:

Some date,


early morning,

Iceland airport,

I am sitting relaxed and nervous on a round formed bench in Iceland KEV airport. So many emotions that have run through my being the last hours.


We, once again, have missed a flight!

The same has happened last year in Berlin after my girlfriend wanted to party hard until the early morning while we had to catch our flight to London 10 in the morning.

This time however without partying. The flight was scheduled for 6am. We were already at the airport midnight but still with a rental car. We decided to go sleep inside of it, which we had been doing all week due to money saving circumstances. We were really successful with this part of our idea, especially the idea of sleeping. So successful that even with the alarm at 4am we decided to sleep 30 minutes more because of a text message by WOW air for a delayed flight. The only problem: we missed the part that said check in is not delayed and ends 5:15am.

We still had to give back the car and empty this airmatress of air, which can take some unexpected time. It lead to us missing the first shuttle bus and made us arrive at the airport 15 AFTER 15 after 5. TOO BAD! TOO LATE!

Now we are here with -400 Euro on the bank account on my end and about +100 Euro that my girlfriend still has. Parabens! or Congratulations in English!

How we will move forward from here?

our friend and saviour Niklas

We have no idea because we are literally really here in this situation!

Thanks god that our friend Niklas has already offered help. A big help!

Anyways, at least Iceland was rainy =). Kidding aside, the diamond beach blew my mind and was really something to remember. Something I was like: wait a minute... (rubbing my eyes...) is this really real? 'Am I really seeing what I am seeing' type of sensation. Together with no wifi and natural water from the rivers for 6 days made the trip really worthy nonetheless. However we missed our goal wanting to see the northern lights. So all in all it was a little bit off, especially now including what has happened. Again, it teaches us NO expectations and we have nothing to loose.

The problem we are now facing is the following:

We have already booked our vacation to Austria to go skiing for 6 days on Sunday. How we get there? We have not the brightest shimmer of Idea, but hope! We are always trusting life and our guides. I am sure and my girlfriend too, that something will come through for us. We trust that exactly what needs to happen will happen. My intuition this whole time about this trip was a little bit disturbed. We had lots of issues booking the flight and many other things that surrounded Iceland. Resistance was everywhere to be honest. That made me learn again to trust more in my feelings. It is important for me to keep going inside in these situations and become clear. Often I want to make things happen out of pressure, fear or limited ideas. Phenomena that seem to arise more out of anxiety and ego than of effortless flowing heart energy. I am learning to let go instead of forcing things my way. In other words just to be and realize that abundance is present in any moment no matter the circumstance.

Similar to this BLOG that I wanted to write every Thursday and now again is falling on Friday, there seems to be an energy that makes things happen anyways. And this anyways energy has proven me to have a smoother way to navigate through life in the first place. It seems to have the better overall viewpoint and location from where to see a grander picture of my optional paths. I am always getting the message to trust more and more my intuition and I am still holding back on this idea.

Another possibility is that I am lazy and just forget to write every week. That would mean that I will somehow end up on Saturday before it shifts to Sunday and so on. We will see what the future brings.

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice Trip.

from the heart,


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