GRATIDÃO | On a portal in São Thomé das Letras

> GRATIDÃO | On a portal in São Thomé das Letras <

Purple flowers covered by heavy siliceous rocks are beating the odds for life by finding a way into the sunlight through the stones. Crazy plants have their leaves shimmering strong in color in this almost overwhelming evening sunset that also creates beautiful captured spherical lens-flares.

A truly endless view of green farmland from a remarkable height of about 1400 meters above the sea-level is revealing itself to us. One cloud formation is more creative then the next and in the distance you can see thick rainfall being reflected in orange lighting.

Not wanting to miss a single moment from the top of this so called portal in São Tomé das Letras can make it difficult to go inwards. But at the same time it is one of the most peaceful places on planet earth I have encountered until today and many people do exactly this here: meditate and be thankful for all that is.

People in this magnetically charged crystalline mountain village like to use the word gratidão a lot which translates to gratitude. When I let metaphysics into my life and begin to understand that the outside world is a reflection of the inside world and vice versa, places like this show me how beautiful I must be inside of my being and of course all of us humans as well. It makes me want to open my arms like my friend Silvana is doing in the picture and let more of this beauty our planet has to offer into my heart to be reflected again outwards.

I love to travel but I love travelling even more if I can share special occasions like this one with friends who are amazing to be around. This is one of the reasons we created Trippin’ through Dimensions because we want to connect as much to each other as to the locals in the areas we are visiting.

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