Getting Creative Part 3

Hi Trippers was geeeeeeeeeeeht,

we are getting so close to the first release. Yesterday I finished the intro skit trailer type video for Palm Trees that will hit the net soon. I also created a new Youtube channel called FLYMINGOlife where all my new content will be released on. I will also upload to Odysee.



Today I finished the Palm Trees video that I will make public on the 12.02.2021. What a great date to start this project of making money through music.

Creating the video was very very VERY stressful. I used Magix Vegas and it always deleted all my settings I adjusted for hours after I closed the programm. I needed to hope as well that the session didn't crash which happened a couple times loosing hours if not days of work. So I came up with the solution to prerender and put the parts together before closing the sessions and in time before the programm froze. I ended up with 5 major parts and they are finally ready.

Two parts in the Video I like a lot. One is a transition from my hand at a waterfall into me on top of pico de papagaion and the other me running into the sea thinking about my finacé. It matches well with the lyrics but unfortunatly for all native english speakers all my music is in german for now.

Probably I will use one of them for the thumbnail but at least for the promotion. Let's see which one makes the cut.

Tomorrow is the last day of posting daily on this BLOG. Finally some relieve I am granting mysself.

Have a great day!

This is I, lit, living the live wishing you a nice Trip!

From the heart,


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