Getting Creative Part 2

Hi Trippers was geeeeeeeeeht,

I had the intention to post daily on this BLOG in January and since day 7 until today it is a total success. There are only 3 days left and it is time to take a break.

I am getting closer to my goal of having around 3-5 Musik Videos and 13-15 Songs ready to be released strategically. I bought this fanbase academy course that I will start in February to create a fanbase. I am really excited for the fact if it will work or not.

Yesterday I created the cover for the album. I smoked some CBD these last days and one day looking through my pictures I got the imput that this is the one. Taking the picture was an amazing moment. I had my camera with me and also smoked some weed that day and all the sudden this voice in my head told me to take a picture here. I knew it was for the album cover but I forgot already. Now I remember and it came in a perfect time.

The scenery was straight dope. There was a kind of throne made out of old stones that might have belonged to a house. It was the only thing left. I only took three fotos in that scenery and one should become the album cover.

The first video will be released on the The songs name will be Palm Trees and it was written and shot on Ilha Grande. I come to this place frequently and plan to be there next month again. To me it is a dream place and really a paradise on earth.

Today I can get to finish the intro for the musik video and put it all togehter. I only have about 6 days left to record 5-6 more songs and make another clip. This is a really tight schedule and I doubt I will be able to finish all until then. But let's see!

After that it is time to head out to Brazil and get the house we are living now all ready to move out of. We are still waiting for our tickets but the hopes are up. There working and getting into my creative process is way more difficult then here since I don't have a lot of patience to spend time in front of the computer being so close to nature and amazing weather.

Nevertheless I want to pull this musik project through and I hope I find the time and motivaton to keep going.

Have a great day!

This is I, lit, living the live wishing you a nice Trip!

From the heart,


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