FUNDAMENTALS | Bio-construction in Cangalha

> FUNDAMENTALS | Bio-construction in Cangalha <

At the bottom of an increase of landmass are lying sacks, wood, a bucket, a tube, covers and a lovely play between shadow and light. The mixture of people in between this mess consists of all kinds of backgrounds and is just as diverse as the scenery.

An eye catcher is displayed by the green glass bottles constructed inside a handmade bamboo earth wall that are shining with the help of incoming sunlight. The wall is actually part of a simple bio-constructed house that is yet to be finished by us. To be exact, us 6 on the picture and other helpers that are part of this huge project of creating an eco-village.

The sun is setting and soon we will be transitioning from day to night. Our physically challenging job for today is done but you can see in my face that I haven’t lost any joy even though working the whole day in hot weather conditions. Also the other faces are filled with happiness and smiles.

We are in Minas Gerais, which is one of the areas we travel to frequently because of its unique features of being extremely calming and very far away from mainstream culture. Here we always immediately feel deeply connected, not just to mother earth but also inside the groups that we come here with.

Basic kindness and togetherness also create a simple but dynamic meaning that we carry out differently each day. This fundament causes a vibrant and forceful vivid field of exchange between us humans that is often all we need to be truly happy in life and to keep us moving forward in a meaningful existence.

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