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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Trippin' on Ilha Grande 2020 | 06.03 - 14.03 | Part 3

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Lagoa Verde


On day 3 of our adventure we took another hiking trip but this time all the way to - Lagoa Verde -. This Lagoon is know for its crystal clear water and a perfect place for snorkeling. We saw many fish and also a cute little turtle.


On the way back to our temporary home we stopped at the - Waterfall Beach -.

As you can tell the paradise also decides to take timeouts. The tropical weather we find here can rapidly shift. Nevertheless we always know how to use time in a playful way to build some pyramids for example. Or we go into complete relax mode after hiking many kilometers in just two days. We also enjoy going into deep conversation with our trippers to explore all kind of live schemes or even personal stories.


Goodbye Luiz


After another classy breakfast from Luiz, it was time to leave this part of the Island in the evening times. So we had one more day to spend on the beach and enjoy the warmth of Brazil. We decided to just hang out at - Praia de Araçatibinha - which is know for its' orange sand.


For Food we decided to stop at - Bem Natural Pousada e Camping - and were amazed by the view this place has to offer. They also grew an impressiv garden over time with a fortune of vegetation. I only made videos and one picture here but you can click the link on the Pousada to check out more photos if you are interessted.


Time to say goodbye to our wonderful host and head to the main part of the island in the north part. It is possible to hike this passage all the way and is also offered by us in another trip called - Around Ilha Grande -. But we decided to let our bodies be carried there by boat.

Goodbye - Pousada Cibeles - and let's enjoy this rapid speedboat ride over the atlantic ocean at sunset.


The Main part of the Island


We arrived at dawn in - Vila do Abraão - which is by far the most touristic area on - Ilha Grande -. The experience that is to be lived here is very different from the more remote part of the Island.

Most of our travels are in countries far from as organized as what we might be used to in our homes. You might be drawn to moments and challenged to show more patience than what eventually is usual for you. Trust will be a very important tool to have in your backpack.

- Terms & Conditions -

The first hour in Abraão came with a shocking moment. Our booked private home, a little house in one of the little alley side streets, was full of mold. Like in other times on our trips we are forced to make miracular changes and let our intuition operate on maximum energy.

Have an open mind to allow spontaneous ideas and intuition to take over our guidance. Allow yourself to adjust to sudden changes in our trip schedule. It might happen we run into amazing opportunities that take us on little alternative ways to continue on with our travels.

- Terms & Conditions -

Once more it happened to be the case that we made miracles appear out of nowhere. We ended up finding a nice little Hostel to stay where all of us had a private room including their own bathroom. It took us less then 30 minutes and the caretaker, George-gy, ended up being a hilarious host. Not only was he a super nice person but he lived on the Island since the 1970's and had endless fascinating stories to share about what all happened around here.

The Hostel called - Pousada Cachoeira - was full of colorful vegetation, palm trees, banana trees, had a hummingbird come by almost everyday, featured some gigantic frogs and spiders and had its' own waterfall in the backyard. Check out the place by clicking here.


The next morning we had breakfast and decided to explore the first parts of the Village.

Trippin' on Ilha Grande 2020 | 06.03 - 14.03 | Part 3

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