FRIENDS | Good times on the baltic sea

> FRIENDS | Good times on the baltic sea <

Pure smiles and nothing to hide!

This must be one of my all-time favorite picture. There is almost nothing to add here since the snap shot says it all.

We are laying in the sands of the Baltic Sea in Germany while the sunlight in entering our beings. No make-up, no posing and nothing to show off, just a nice reflection of is-ness.

Taking time off and being present in each moment with ourselves and others is an art in itself and for me can’t be practiced enough by our species. As lovely as our planet is and travelling is to explore the outer as well as inner beauty of our existence here, there is still nothing like human connection and purity.

I am glad that on my journey I frequently come across the most amazing people I can imagine. Here are just two of them and maybe you who are reading this might be the next one to come along.

I have found out that for me there is nothing higher to achieve in life then joy and happiness. That is truly the deepest meaning I have come across and the easiest way for me to access that is through the joy and smiles of others. What a blessing it is to be alive, today!

What are the deepest blessings you are aware of?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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