FOREST | Idyllic Vibes in the Sächsische Schweiz

> FOREST | Idyllic Vibes in the Sächsische Schweiz <

Moist smell and humid air are entering my nose. The forest ist all around me and giving me all kinds of sensations. Various types of green color create a beautiful scenery. Golden light is slicing through between some tree trunks directly in front of me creating sunrays on the corner of my visual field. They also light up the leaves in wonderful colors to create that shortly before sunset mood.

The abundance of beauty out here is undeniable and impossible to miss out on. The peace, the connectiveness, the feeling of home and the stronger presence is all taking part of these vibes in this moment. It draws this idyllic landscape for our being to immerce deep into.

Through the humidity moss is crawling up rocks and fallen trees which make up soft seatable spots in the middle of nature. A silhouette of a person is visible relaxing to take in the moment on one of those natural created chairs.

In the far distance you can spot mountains rising up from the ground. We as well are on top of one of these and hiking through the german nationalpark called 'sächsische Schweiz'.

Our legs have many kilometers of hiking in them and the feeling of pure joy is all into our body. At this point we created a sensation of childlike states running barefood on the hiking trails and just being with mother earth.

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