FAVELA | Pink carpet in Rio de Janeiro

> FAVELA | Pink carpet in Rio de Janeiro <

It is early in the morning and the sun is just rising as I found these pink leaves lying all in front of me; almost there like a personal carpet made from nature. I am walking through one of the countless Favelas Rio de Janeiro has to offer and in my right hand I am carrying a trash bag from our temporary home here up in the mountains.

It is a little chilly in terms of the air around me but I can already enjoy the day in my light clothing. In front of me you can see a rising hill, covered with trees even though we are right in Santa Teresa in a very condensed populated area.

The charm of the small alleys is the result of this extremely dense housing not only side by side but also on top of each other. What really makes this place extraordinary is its people but in those early morning hours the little passages tend to be very empty compared to later on. I still don’t fully understand to this day how thousands of people cross each other throughout the day here and how people make a living in a Favela. It is truly fascinating and shows once more the immense diversity of our human kind that we can only explore through travelling. Around the corner I am about to witness one of the most beautiful sunrises I have gazed at in Rio.

This is what I saw:

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