FAMILY | Arcturus in Vila Isabel

> FAMILY | Arcturus in Vila Isabel <

Tall buildings with mass appartment housing are scraping the sky. Cars of the inhabitants are stationed all around it and we are taking a family selfie in the middle of the scene. It is rather green around here and trees are blending into the concrete world of Rio de Janeiro.

We are in the neighborhood of Vila Isabel and the complex in the background was created using starsystems, so each block has its own name according to the common constillations. The closest building is called Arcturus and it is one of the places in the universe I feel mostly connected to.

Meeting my Fiancé and now close family members was such a synchronized event that is takes a lot more than a couple lines to transmit. Another example relating to my interesst in starpeople is the name of her dad matching with the entity I am channeling.

So not only did travelling bring me joy, freedom, life experience and happyness, it also led me to this scenario of having expanded my family across the German borders. It didn't stop on earth and now I can call some intergalactic inhabitants my friends and family as well. It is so interessting and almost too funny that this is now reflected as well in my physical life as a human here on earth. I just love Arcturians and the way they manifest miracles.

I am a huge supporter of expanding the mind and being. Grateful for all that happened we are bonding not only in this picture but in life in general. It is a blessing to be alive and to create intercultural and intergalactic relationships. Family makes me feel home and gives me the sensation of being connected.

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